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Capturing the attention of social influencers, celebrity’s, and editors.

It is a great way for brands to sample their products and educate guests by creating a buzz within a physical environment and social media outlets. Caravan Stylist Studio is by appointment throughout the day to actors, actresses, musicians, bloggers, editors and other creative people such as photographers, DJs, etc. for hair, makeup and wardrobe services. We plan over the next 9+ months to have over 100 private appointments. We also expect to have over a dozen events with at least 50- 100 people in attendance at night which will allow your product to be showcased to an additional 1,000+ key people within the industry.

Caravan is utilized for lifestyle events such as film screenings, musician showcases, fashion shows, trunk events, product launches and more. Our goal is to work on having several Fashion Tech events since this is an important category that brands should tap into – such as new fashion applications for mobile devices, etc.

Brand Partners can also utilize the studio as their own, for meetings with editors, press, influencer events as well as VIP consumer events.

Caravan Stylist Studio always has our sponsored brands identified throughout the year on social media outlets, to all of our guests that visit the studio, to other brand partners and on our website.

Come and be a part of the marking of the future with an immersive brand experience, a new way to advertise, market, sample, create content, PR and to embark on an exciting social media campaign.

Designer Inquiries:
Designers are not charged to be a part of the studio. Nor are the guests. The goal is to connect talent with fashion designers and to build relationships between the two parties. If you are designer that is interested in being a part of Caravan Stylist Studio, we ask for a dozen to twenty pieces a season which we will help curate for the studio. These pieces need to be production and not samples. Ideally, we only work with production pieces. We outfit the studio with casual ready to wear pieces such as jeans, t-shirts, blazers, and evening gowns. Caravan Stylist Studio has ready – to – wear, evening wear, jewelry, handbags, and shoes. There is a constant search for new designers. If you don’t have a PR, we will explain to you how everything works. If you do have a PR team, we can work with them. We love to work with all PR companies and support their efforts. Again, there is no fee to be a part of the studio so please see this as a bonus to your Public Relations/Marketing/Social Media efforts if you have been invited to join our designer platform. Caravan Stylist Studio not only works directly with talent (musicians and actors) but also with stylists. Stylists with the proper credentials are welcome to pull from the studio. We also encourage bloggers/editors to pull from our studio. Caravan Stylist Studio believes that the most successful and effective PR gets your product in the right hands and out there. The right people will talk about your collection, creating dynamic and organic buzz.


Fashion District Space from 2012:


We need interns interested in fashion, film, graphic design, entertainment – email Claudine@caravanstyliststudio.com your resume and why you would be interested in working for CSS.

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