Alysia Reiner and T’Keyah Crystal Keymah Visit Caravan

Saturday April 14th was the 10th Anniversary of the TV Land Awards, which airs on Sunday April 29th 2012. Caravan had the honor of getting two very special attendants ready for a night full of bright lights, champagne sipping, and elbow rubbing!

We got to sit down with Alysia Reiner, an actress best known for her role in Sideways, and discuss her thoughts on her ideal red carpet look. Alyisia was fond of the faux bob that is becoming uber-popular in the ever-changing hair world right now. It allowed her to channel her inner-pin-up girl!  We used our Babyliss Pro Blow Dryer to achieve the height and smoothness of the style. We then simply teased the base for added support and pinned it accordingly. We incorporated a deep waved bang with the bob, which kicked the style up a notch. Alyisia loved her hair and makeup, and sent us pics with a lovely thank you. I made sure she left with a few things as well. I gave her a set of Babyliss Pro Hot Rollers and a DDF Advanced Eye Firming Concentrate with an On-The-Go Caboodle that she said would be perfect for her little girl! She looked fantastic, and left feeling confident and sexy!

T’Keyah Crystal Keymah stopped in for the full service as well. She was being honored, along with members of the original cast, for her roll on In Living Color. She had her makeup done by our in-house beauty expert, and chose a beautiful floor length purple Von Vonni Wrap Dress for her red carpet look. We kept her makeup as clean and natural as possible with a shimmering eye, a thick but relatively shorter cat eye, and a ton of lashes. She was so sweet and looked stunning in the dress! I gave her the Ready-To-Go Caboodle, our smallest Caboodle, since she mentioned she was traveling and would be flying back to LA soon. We also gave her the DDF Ultra-Lite Moisturizing Dew, and an Advanced Eye Firming Concentrate. She was very pleased with her goodies!

Enjoy the pics below! They both looked absolutely gorgeous, and we can’t wait for these lovely ladies to visit again soon!



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