Alysia Reiner for the premiere of “Orange is the New Black” in Carmen Marc Valvo, jewels from Alexis Bittar, a beautiful necklace by Nadri from Lord & Taylor, and a Moyna clutch

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We loved this look on the lovely Alysia. We went old Hollywood glam for the premiere of Orange Is the New Black where Alysia plays the role of Natalie Figueroa.

She is wearing a Carmen Marc Valvo dress and shoes, a NADRI necklace from our favorite store LORD & TAYLOR, a ring and bracelet by ALEXIS BITTAR and a bag from the lovely MOYNA.

Thank you to all the designers.

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Caravan proudly uses Sexy Hair products for all our hair styling needs. Kryolan Professional Makeup for that perfect on camera look,  Ikonic hot tools for creating great flowing hair and Zoya Nail Polish for an incredible mix of colors.

We started off first by applying 450 Headset to protect from heat damage and a healthy dose of Get Layered Hairspray before curling the hair with a 1inch curling iron. There is a method to how you curl the hair for this look. Create the side part and comb each side down towards the ear. Start at the top of the part and take about 1.5 inch in length and 0.5 in thickness curling each one down towards the direction the section was combed. Continue moving down, pinning each curl so it keeps it form. Curl the other side the same. The back of the hair is curled down towards the nape of the neck. Once the hair was all curled another layer of Get Layered Hairspray was applied all over. The hair was left to sit as long as possible.

At this point we went on to makeup just to give the hair extra time to set the curls. Once makeup was done, we went back to the hair.

Removing all the pins that held each curl and giving the hair a light spray if Get Layered Hairspray. We love this Hairspray because it’s super dry and perfect for a style like this where we want to avoid any moisture in the hair. We hit the curls with a blow-dryer on low heat for just a moment before breaking up the formed curls with a large pick.

Now the fun part, we took a soft bristled brush and in the direction the curls were rolled we started brushing, brushing and more brushing. It may seem counter intuitive to brush these curls that you’ve taken such time to perfectly set, but because of the time allowed for the curls to set, theses curls have amazing durability and will hold its curl all day. After brushing you will see the hair start to blend together, creating amazing S shapes in a uniformed wave. Once you see this, you can start forming the front wave using the side with more hair by first slightly brushing the front of the hair forward about 1.5 inches, holding this section in place and brush just below back towards the forehead about the same sizes as the one above. Continue working your way down till about the area of the ear and to help keep theses waves in place a large duck clip is placed at each bend of the curls. At the level of the ear just bush the remainder of the hair till you are happy with the look of the wavy curls.

On the other side and back of the hair just brush the curls till you find that perfectly bouncing wave. When the hair is just the way you want it, give it a healthy dose of Get Layered Hairspray and for the extra touch, add a little shine with Smooth & Seal and you are ready to go turn heads.

For Alysia’s makeup we used KRYOLAN PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP we kept in that era of Old Hollywood with a light champagne and bronzed colors to the eyes and a fresh dewy bronzed skin and a lavishly lush red lip.

We created the classic look by using a few eyeshadow palettes in Casablanca & Mexico City and with the HD Cream Liner in Ebony lining the upper lash line it gave her eyes that old Hollywood feel. The skin was kept dewy and bronzed with the Shimmering Event Foundation in Gold. And with the perfect final touch to her look a fantastic Lip Stain that will last all night was used in a brilliant red shade.

Alysia’s nails were super fun and fantastic with the new Pixie Dust in Cosmo.

Our new favorite handy little tool at Caravan is Herban Essentials. These are handy little towelette’s that are made with natural essential oils that are super useful. Especially on a day when we had a few of the lovely ladies to get glammed up for the premiere of Orange is the New Black. We used these towelette’s to scent the beauty station in-between each glam session and they are great to freshen up the hands while giving a wonderful light scent to the hands.

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