A Fashion Internship at Caravan Stylist Studio

“Don’t be afraid to take time to learn.” – Vera Wang

An internship is often ones first peek into to a career of their choice, and in our case we give eager students from Marist College, FIT, LIM , and more a real look into our New York City world of fashion.  At Caravan Stylist Studio, we try to encourage independent quick thinking, hands on involvement in all our events, and interaction with designers. Each intern has the ability to shape their internship to fit their goals. This is a peak into the creative minds and  the hardworking hands of the Caravan Stylist Studio interns.

We are always asked what type of tasks an intern will partake in and it is a mix.  It is everything from running from showroom to showroom to meet styling deadlines, lots of research, event prep and event production help, stuffing goodie bags with our awesome sponsors samples, helping on photo shoots, keeping some of our special programming on track, inventory control, showroom organizing and so much more. If you are a student interested in fashion merchandising, marketing, styling, blogging, journalism, Public Relations or photography – we definitely have some work that can develop those skills. You can set up an internship interview with Raffaella@caravanstyliststudio.com

Leslie our ever enthusiastic and trendy intern always has a smile and a positive attitude.

Reliable and constantly wanting to learn more, Alyssa is our New York City street savvy intern.

We first met Sarah during NYFW at Style 360 when she helped us during the Junk Food Clothing NFL Fashion Show.  We love how creative she is!

The best way to get from showroom to showroom is on wheels.

5 - sunshine sarah

When there is downtime, these interns know where all the cool spots are.

The work of Caravan’s interns never goes unnoticed and is always appreciated.


A great outfit and your laptop will be your best friends, other than the rest of the Caravan team of course.

7 - SunshineSunshine has been reliable since his first event with us during Upfronts in May 2013. It is always a good idea to get involved in as much as possible.

8 - sunshineBest dressed in men’s wear every single time.

katelynKatelyn is a veteran intern and has put in her fair share of hard work. We are so proud and happy for her new internship adventures at ELLE magazine.

9 - katelyn

11- alyssa

When you are in a fast paced environment, note taking is practically a must.

12 - sunshine katelyn alyssa

Teamwork is a necessity. HSN thanks for all the shoes from our HIGH LINE project.

13 - sunshine katelyn alyssa

We want all our interns to learn something new about the fashion industry and most importantly about themselves.  It takes a lot of passion to create a place for yourself in the fashion world and passion is what we believe our interns have.  At Caravan Stylist Studio we always try to support our interns to grow and push themselves to new challenges.  We can’t thank them enough for their dedication to us.  We hope they enjoyed this project that highlights them and what they do and we hope you enjoyed our photo shoot dedicated to our interns.

 “There is only one life and that’s the life you know you want and you make it yourself”

-Diana Vreeland

 If you are looking for tips and instructions for how we got these beauty looks, enjoy the basic tutorial below.

hair photo - leslie


All of our female interns were styled with Salon Grafix hair products, Babyliss Pro hot tools, DDF  skincare for pre -makeup application, and POP beauty for makeup.  Here is how we got their beauty looks!

LESLIE – To get this look we started off with the Salon Grafix hair ReStyler and applied it liberally with a large toothed comb. We made sure that the hair was free of knots then used a decent amount of Shaping Hairspray to cover her hair with a mist before using the ConiCurl curling wand. Starting from the lower portions of the hair near the nape of the neck,  take just under one inch segments and wrap them around the curling wand. Continue this motion until you have completed all sections of the head and you hair is covered in fantastic beach curls. We love using the curling wand because it gives the hair a very natural wave/curls. Once the hair was all curled another spray of Shaping Hairspray was applied to all the curls and the hair was left to cool down so the curls could set. After the curls have cooled we were ready to style the hair.  From this point, all it needs is a light tousle with your fingers and a light spritz of High Gloss Hairspray to give the hair that finishing touch of shine and hold.

ALYSSA – We wanted something fresh and young and with Alyssa’s long beautiful hair so we decided to do a low and loose side fishtail braid. First we wanted to add a little texture to the hair because this helps the braid hold and gives it body. A spritz of  Salon Grafix ReStyler and a spritz of Shaping Hairspray was applied to the hair before using the hot tools. We then continued to use the Babyliss Pro ConiCurl and a one-inch curling iron ,alternating between both tools, we wanted to give a natural wave to the hair. Once a majority of the hair was curled it was time to braid it. The hair was parted in the front, keeping the part inline with the arch of one eyebrow. Then the hair was gathered to the opposite side of the part keeping it low and near the nape of the neck. To do a fishtail separate the hair into two even sections and taking a small amount from the outer side of one section and bringing it over and combining it with the other half. Now, with the side you’ve just added hair too take the same sized small section of hair from the outer side and bring it over to the opposite section. Continue to do this all the way down or until you reached where you want to stop. We like keeping the braid very tight while braiding but once the braid is finished and you’ve tied it off you can now go back and gently start separating the braid out slightly. Start from the end of the braid and pinch on either side and lightly pull. This gives the braid that organic deconstructed look. Once you’ve created your prefect braid a bit of High Gloss Hairspray is applied throughout and now you are done.

For ALYSSA’s makeup, to keep things hip we went with fun POP makeup teal eyeliner on the upper lash line. We also added a small amount of black shadow on a liner brush and applied it directly to the lash line. The water line of the upper and lower lashes was lined in a black waterproof liner. A few coats of mascara were applied to finish off the eye makeup look. We also decided we wanted a touch of peach/pink blush to the apples of the cheeks and finished with a  nude lip.

SARAH – It was all about a clean natural makeup look for this photo shoot. We started off by prepping the skin with a DDF light moisturizer. For the eyes we went with matte shadow in a natural skin tone and for the upper lid as well as along the brow bone we used the POP makeup AM/PM eyeshadow kit. Next we blended a bronze shadow along the upper lash line and up into the crease of the upper lid. Keeping the density of the color to the outer area of the eye, we then and blending a lighter shade into the inner corner of the eye. With a liner brush, add a small amount of  black eye shadow and apply it to the upper lash line and the outer corner of the lower lash line. Finally, some POP beauty  mascara was applied and light bronzer to the cheeks. The finishing touch was a natural colored lip stain with a touch of gloss.


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