Beauty On The Go

Beauty on the go

What to pack for your weekend getaway
Now that winter is nearing its end, and cabin fever has lessened its grip. The big question that now arises is where to go for a fun weekend getaway? And of course the ever looming question of “omg what to pack when you’re heading out of town for a weekend getaway?”
Knowing that it’s so important to be able to look flawlessly put together especially when it comes to fun in the sun. You never want to look like your makeup is caked on or dripping off in the warm summer weather.  The theory of less is more could never be more pertinent.
The essentials:
– First, you want your bag to be super cute and with LESPORTSAC and their bounty of fun prints and plethora of sized bags, totes and suitcases galore, you‘re always fashionably packed for any trip.
– Now on to the go to beauty products to pack…
You can’t leave home without the travel sized FOREO. This mighty mini cleansing tool will keep your skin looking and feeling fresh and ready to go.GH_FOREO_Luna_Range_080514_Fotor_Collage
– When you’re figuring out what skincare to pack LIFTLAB has everything you’ll need to help allow your natural beauty to shine. The LIFTLAB Purify+Clarify cleanser is perfect. Not only is it your daily face wash, but it is an Exfoliator and a mask all in this one genius product.
If you’re planing on soaking up the sun the LIFTLAB Lift+Fix serum will be your best friend. This serum takes down redness, irritation and is great when you have a sunburn.
– The LIFTLAB Lift+Firm Eye Cream is a beauty must have day, night and all year around.Lift_Lab_Ageless_082114_Fotor_Collage
For your makeup must haves, it’s all about the mascara. And with Physicians Formula and their multitude of mascaras to pick from, they are sure to have exactly what every beauty conscious woman could want or need.
logoPF Mascara
One thing to always keep in mind is that you never want to look like you’ve got your makeup caked on. Thankfully Physicians Formula has plenty of great lightweight BB & CC products that also have sunscreen protection in face
– For your ever chapped lips the perfect product is great to toss in your purse and go, giving you great shine and protection. Manuka Secrets Lip Luster LipLusture
When it comes to your hair and wanting to pack light, some great tricks to maintain your main are using the right products. With NOT YOUR MOTHERS wide range of hair products they’ve got you covered.
When you prep your hair properly prior to your weekend getaway the less you have to worry about maintaining your do. Make sure to use DEJÁ VUDO when you’re prepping your hair and it will extend your style much longer. A great go to product is the BEACH BABE spray, this gives your locks that touch of product to keep the frizz away with minimal effort. Giving you great summer fresh style.nym
Another great go to product no beauty girl can go without is a great dry shampoo. We love the way CLEAN FREAK does its magic, keeping you looking so fresh and so clean!
Toss in a few Bobby pins, hair pins and a few hair ties and you’re ready to go.
Of course in a perfect world you’ll have time to get your nails done right before you leave. But if this isn’t the case grab some COLOR CLUB nail polish and with one coat of the Halo Hues Holographic Nail Polish Lacquer you’re set and the Halo Hues have a longer wearability keeping you chip free for days. 
And last but never least you can’t forget about your body and keeping your skin looking and feeling hydrated. With VASELINE® SPRAY & GO™

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