Betches Love This – the book party for “Nice is Just a Place in France”

These three gals started the website called Betches Love This and if that wasn’t enough these three girls wrote a book called Nice is Just a Place in France.

The title says it all. Betches it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Nice is Just a Place in France: How to Win at Basically Everything is available to pre-order online. Finally, a book that will combine the epicness of The Great Gatsby, the wit of My Horizontal Life, and social commentary on par with Adventures of Huckleberry FinnNice is Just a Place in France will be the best thing you’ve read since you stopped reading books in fifth grade so get out your dad’s credit card and order the greatest book since the New Testament.


friendscarltonLast week the Carlton Hotel and Caravan Stylist Studio hosted a book signing, cocktail hour, and styling party to honor Betches Love This, the book Nice is Just a Place in France.



Caravan provided a braid bar with products by Salon Grafix all the guests got to have fun getting a great braid and it was a chance for the guests to try some amazing products by Salon Grafix.braid2



A nail bar using the color palette of Black and Gold was set up with Zoya Nail Polish and the guests were pampered with the choices of either black or gold or for the adventurous ones a little bit of nail art was done.nails1

And to top of the evening an eye makeup station was set up for the guests. Giving glammed out smoky eyes using POP Beauty and the best part we had the creator of POP, Sara Strand was there with her fantastic skills to give the guests a one of a kind great smoky eye.carltoneyes






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