bobi the perfect fit for Cat Greenleaf on the set of Talk Stoop

Cat Greenleaf on the set of Talk Stoop wearing some of her favorite pieces from bobi Collection .

Cat Greenleaf & Jerry B

Cat Greenleaf & Geoffery Rush _Fotorcoat by DANA MAXX red top by bobi


Cat Greenleaf & Ron PerlmanCoat by KahriAnne Kerr top by bobi

Cat Greenleaf  & Katie Segal

Cat Greenleaf Coat by Missioni top by bobi

When Caravan is styling Cat Greenleaf for her tv show Talk Stoop on the USA Network bobi is always a perfect fit. Not only are Cat and bobi all about comfortable style, but it always fits like a glove and looks fantastic on camera.

When you don’t know what to wear, you want something that is comfortable but still has a wonderful style. “bobi” is the go to designer and is always an easy choice for Caravan whenever we are wardrobe styling.

Caravan always has bobi in the studio because we know it’s always going to look and feel fantastic. Plus, everyone just loves it.

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