Bright Colored Accessories that will make your Spring Wardrobe Pop!

Every girl should always remember with spring weather like this you should never go out without two things, sunscreen and at least a few bright accessories! With the sun finally melting away winter, it is time to toss those sweaters into storage and shake your style up for what promises to be an amazing spring. The easiest way to make this flirty Walter dress, that our lovely Jackie is wearing, even better is a flock of new spring accessories. Don’t let your spring get boring with the same dull colored accessories. Get excited for spring with accessories that really grab attention like a splash of neon with these Buji Baja bags, R&Em Handbags, Buji Baja beaded jewelry and of course the perfectly matching Hat Attack hats. Accessories should be more than just a cute pair of shoes, even though these Report Signature shoes do speak for themselves, it is the whole head to toe look from hats to jewelry and even some light scarfs. Add a little interest with a few We Dream in Color jewels or grab a smart, boldly colored Caboodles bag to keep all your things together, because a few electrifying accessories make every day feel like a perfectly sunny day.


Jackie showing off some great, colorful Spring Trends

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