BROOKE D’ORSAY from “ROYAL PAINS” on the USA network visits us during the TV UPFRONTS

Brooke D’Orsay from the USA Networks show ROYAL PAINS brooke2

With all your fall favorite TV shows leaving you either laughing, crying, or gasping in pure shock you are probably ready to move on to your summer favorite TV series. We like to stick to what is good and that includes USA Network’s Royal Pains which is in it’s 7th season, premiering on Tuesday, June 2nd at 10pm. The series revolves around a physician who is forced to work in the Hamptons. We read all about the inside scoop from about the upcoming season. “The series follows Henry Lawson (Mark Feuerstein), an E.R. doctor whose career takes a hit after losing a patient. He then heads to the Hamptons as a “doctor for hire” to New York’s rich and famous, and must decide between serving himself or helping others. This season will feature Hank going after what’s been missing in his life, while Evan (Paulo Costanzo) struggles to find a balance between his promotion at work and starting a family with Paige (Brooke D’Orsay), and Divya (Reshma Shetty) fights to keep her family together.”

A comedy drama is exactly what the summer calls for and this lighthearted series is a balance of beaches and laughs. Although the show is currently filming, Royal Pains star Brooke D’Orsay came to visit the Caravan Crew during our event for the NY TV UPFRONTS. Brooke plays the character Paige Collins a loyal and savvy Hamptons socialite who is also the wife to lead character Evan Lawson (played by Paulo Constanzo). Brooke’s character Paige has an emotional but inspiration backstory about family, loyalty, love, and a woman’s career. We are not one for spoilers but you should check out Paige Collin’s USA Network character profile.

We had the chance to spend time with Brooke during NY TV UPFRONTS she was stopping by before she was rushing to her hometown of Toronto, Canada. Before she left we were able to quickly dive into fashion and beauty trends that will be bring some edge to the summer.

At Caravan we love and know about all things beauty. It is no surprise that part of a good beauty regimen is to stay hydrated and keeping your makeup clean and organized. Everyone knows that staying hydrated is a necessity but not everyone knows about Caravan’s official water sponsor Volvic. Volvic water comes from the biggest and oldest preserved ecosystems in Europe: The Volcanoes Regional Natural Park of Auvergne. Volvic water originates in the small town of Volvic in France and is rainwater that is naturally filtered Be sure to read all about Volvic’s history, filtration, purity, and initiatives here. We are always happy to share a cold bottle of water!satya brooke 3_Fotor_Collage

With a Volvic water bottle in one hand and a LeSportsac in the other, Brooke is here checking out the Olympia Le-Tan for LeSportsac collection. This collaboration launched this past February 2015 and is a love filled marriage between the iconic LeSportsac brand and the Parisian artist who is best known for one-of-a-kind hand embroidered book cover clutches.  The collection has 3 original prints which are described by LeSportsac as “Blooming Hearts: a romantic sheet of postage stamps; Love Letters: an exploration on the elements of a love note – letters, books, stamps, kisses, & more; and Love Letters Blue: a softer version of Love Letters with a lovely blue background.” The style Brooke D’Orsay is seen checking out is the Blooming Hearts print.

You really cannot go wrong with a comfy t-shirt and sneakers. It is even better when you are sporting a long sleeve white football tee with grey stripes that promotes sustainability. The company UNDER THE CANOPY “offers consumers a way to buy what they love and seek, while making a difference to human health, social justice, the environment and future generations.” The UNDER THE CANOPY designer and ECOlifestyle expert is Marci Zaroff who had coined the term, “ECOfashion”.brooke

A comfortable top can only be paired with matching comfortable shoes. Brooke is wearing LACOSTE navy blue sporty slip on sneaker. We love to wear sneakers with everything but these easy to wear sneaker is extra comfortable with a therapeutic foam sole. Comfort is key!

We think the only thing better than falling in love with a brand is finding out they are MADE IN THE USA. That is exactly the case when it comes to JUNK FOOD CLOTHING CO. As the original vintage t-shirt company they have been creating comfortable, soft, art witty t-shirts since 1998.

We love this navy blue SPIEWAK jacket that Brooke is wearing. It is a challenge to look cute when you are preparing for dreary rainy days but SPIEWAK has you covered. A fun fact is that the brand originally started in 1904 Brooklyn, New York. This MADE IN THE USA brand is a remaining symbol of evolvement from its humble beginnings of vest making for waterfront workers to providing uniforms for the military and being the brand that clothed the 1980 Olympic Lake Placid U.S.A. Ski team to a current everyday fashion statement for the everyday man or woman. We enjoyed watching this short video of the brand’s history.

If you have not heard about PIOL dress we are about to change your world. We had the pleasure of offering some of our new and old friends, including Brooke D’Orsay a chance to sit with someone from the PIOL team to create their own custom made dress. PIOL revolves around a three – fold system that focuses on color, style, and fit with everything tailored to each individual body. It is a great feeling knowing where exactly your dress was cut and sewn from and you should know that all PIOL dresses are straight out of the New York City Garment District. piol-logo

Brooke was able to go home with some super beauty products everything a gal needs for keeping that look all summer long. Now that the summer is in full effect the proper skin care is a must and with the brand LIFTLAB they have it covered with an amazing 3 in 1 cleanser along with 3 different serums to fit anyone’s needs.

With all of the traveling that Brooke does you can never go wrong with the adorable pocket sized mini VASELINE LIP THERAPY. Vaseline-Lip-Therapy-Rosy-LipsBrooke also found some great hair products from NOT YOUR MOTHERS. NOT YOUR MOTHERS Beach Bebe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray, Beach Babe Shampoo & Conditioner


A big thanks to VOLVIC, BELVOIR, LUNA BAR and CLIF BAR for supplying treats throughout the week.

We want to thank the CARLTON HOTEL for allowing us to use their fantastic event space.nyccl_logo_L

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