Callan McAuliffe’s NYC visit


Callan began his USA film career in 2010 when he was handpicked by director Rob Reiner for the romantic lead in the film “Flipped” (Warner Bros).  In 2011, Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay and DJ Caruso featured Callan as a lead in Dreamworks’ “I Am Number Four.” Now already in 2012, Callan has worked with director Baz Lurhman filming “The Great Gatsby” as the young Leonardo DiCaprio playing the titular role of “Jay Gatsby” for the highly-anticipated Fox film adaptation of the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, which is slated for release December 25, 2012.  Callan also plays the young lead in the historic Australian miniseries “Cloudstreet,” directed by Matt Saville. The miniseries has been nominated for an Australian Academy Award, an Inside Film Award and a Logi (Emmy) in 2012. This project was screened in Europe and the US in April 2012. Most recently, Callan finished filming a lead role in “Underground,” based on the true story of Julian Assange and his best friend who (at 17 years of age) created the international controversy widely known as ‘Wikileaks.’

Callan was in NY recently for some meetings and we were able to hook him up with some fun items from some really cool designers and brands.

One of our favorite men’s brands right now is Descendants of Thieves, they have these amazingly light, slim cut shirts in just really great patterns and prints.  Every guy should have one of these in their wardrobe.

Callan liked Descendants of Thieves as well as BUFFALO, another company that makes a great button down. Everytime we show BUFFALO pieces to cool actors they love it – they just have great pieces!  We also introduced Callan to the new LANDS END CANVAS collection as well as some awesome shoes from MR. B’s  for ALDO.   They have an abundance of great classic shoes to choose from- we found him some great black and brown shoes to go with suits, dress pants and just even jeans.  He also liked this pair of black lace up classic boots from EMU AUSTRALIA, some of these great plaid casual button downs from AEROPOSTALE and a really cool blue colored top from Robert Graham.

We love introducing awesome talent to cool brands.  We are so excited that Callan spent some time checking out our picks for him.  By doing so he helped us out by getting the message of designers and brands that are working with Caravan Stylist Studio to further promote the opportunity to network talent ( actors, musicians, press) to talent ( fashion designers and brands).

We can’t wait to see Callan in all his upcoming films. As the Young Gatsby with Leonardo DiCaprio as the lead Jay Gatsby – the trailer alone makes us count down the days to that film comes out.

We love talent that are doing extraordinary things and making memorable films.
We are so grateful for Callan’s time and hope he comes to visit NYC again soon.

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