Caravan Designer Highlight: Nona E. Rose by Rachel Sax

In an attempt to define herself, designer Rachel Sax has created a fashion forward classic line of belts called Nona E. Rose; and will soon branch into the exhilarating world of accessories (we are EXCITED to see a necklace and bracelet set!).  Her story begins in Maryland where she grew up sewing clothes for her dolls and loved every moment of it.  From then on she knew that fashion was her passion and went on to study at Syracuse University.  During her journey she gained valuable insight through her internships, the first being at Bloomingdales and then later on with Betsey Johnson, her first designer icon,  in departments ranging from retail to visual merchandising and the design studio.

The name of her line, Nona E. Rose, is after the most style influential people in Rachel’s life which are her three grandmothers.  The core of her inspirations stems from her grandmothers as well as vintage accessories stating; “vintage gets lost today and I want to revive glamour, a vintage lady-like aesthetic is a concept that isn’t as prominent as it once was. ”  Within the Nona E. Rose line the essence of vintage is clearly present in her designs with the ever chic, golden metal accent on each belt. When designing a piece meant to last a lifetime Rachel finds creative bliss balancing the aspects of fun and glamour along with being interchangeable for all seasons.  She believes there are so many different ways to style your outfit especially with the perfect belt, as long as it represents yourself and works with your body.

Next on the check list for Rachel is to increase presence in more boutiques, strengthen online sales, and you can’t go wrong with a trunk show (Look out for one this August!).  Rachel shared with us her story of the rare opportunity of being accepted to a seasonal Bendel’s Trunk Show, after waiting in the cold for hours her distinctive classic brand was the factor that made her shine as a winning designer out of many.  If there is any advice she would give to fellow designers it would be to never miss an opportunity in this industry.  You should pay your dues and start somewhere because retail experience can be a major help along with cold calling and taking freelance positions; those can create real opportunities.  Her advice is to be willing to put yourself out there and best describes cold calling by saying, “it’s not like calling a boy, no one is going to say; you call too much” and we whole heartedly agree!  Nona E. Rose was built through Rachel’s inspirations and dedication.

Bendel's Trunk Show Setup

Access to the treasure chest of materials which is New York garment district, and living exposure to the anything goes New York fashion, Rachel feels free to be creative because there will always be a customer to wear the designs.  She strives to be known for quality and producing major statement pieces; “a game changer” that can really define an outfit.  Nona E. Rose is identifiable because Rachel commits to “taking the things you love and carving it into a model that is truly yours,” focusing on feminine, preppy and vintage features.  Her audience is a wide range of customers because she aims to attract people who can appreciate quality.  Customers of all ages, can sport the traditional elegance branded with the Nona E. Rose collections by Rachel Sax.

You will be happy to know that all products are available to order online at Nona E. Rose and we are sure you will value the vintage sophistication Rachel has brought to her collection just like we did! Enjoy!

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