Caravan Designer Highlight: Stacy Igel from Boy Meets Girl!

If you haven’t checked out Stacy Igel’s brand Boy Meets Girl®, then it’s about time to get the low down! From an early age Stacy was destined to be a fashion designer; always dressing up and loving fashion. Stacy founded Boy Meets Girl®, an edgy yet wearable, stylish yet casually classic young contemporary brand and we just adore it all. Boy Meets Girl® is unique and focusing on paving a brand path that is different and separates itself from other brands. Stacy’s idea for the brand came about from a similar picture she and her boyfriend had as kids, thinking about their young, playful, carefree selves, she knew right away the perfect name and logo to use.

Going along with her instinct, Stacy changed the name of her line from Deesh, her nickname (2001-2006) to the now present day Boy Meets Girl®. She told us, “It was a natural change because the logo was growing rapidly under the Deesh label and my loyal followers understood!” Stacy starting out by selling to Department stores and within the past two years has taken the business focus to growing their e-commerce channels. She recently partnered with who is now her brand’s exclusive online retailer; “Lockerz turned their online business into a Social Commerce site, which I feel, is the best place for Boy Meets Girl®.”

Stacy gets her inspiration from a variety of eclectic influences such as vintage clothing, the vibrant New York art and music scenes, Hollywood glamourati, etc. Some of her mentors and role models are Ellie Tahari, Zandra Rhodes, and Elsa Klensch; all of whom Stacy has worked for. “I was smart enough to recognize that the hard workers were usually the individuals who got the big opportunities in life.  They were also the ones who were prepared to capitalize on those opportunities.” Stacy has a “holy trinity of influences,” starting from fashion designer Coco Chanel, to fashion model Kate Moss, to singer-song writer Patti Smith. She loves their confidence, effortless outfits, and how they remain true to themselves and their fashion styles. Kate Moss, along with Chloe Sevigny, also happen to be some clients Stacy would love to work with.

Due to her years of hard work, Boy Meets Girl® has been pictured in numerous magazines, on TV shows. Even still, Stacy gets excited seeing someone walk down the street wearing a piece she made. Stacy loves to give back through her brand; she works with several charities to raise awareness in collaboration with Boy Meets Girl®. And of course it’s always an extra treat when celebrities are spotted wearing her brand! Not only is Stacy a designer, but she is also a stylist, producer, and host; she is clearly a multi-tasker if we ever met one! She is a designer first and foremost. Building a business from scratch has certainly helped Stacy become a great host, producer, and stylist as well.

Boy Meets Girl® is an international brand based in the USA , shipping worldwide to everywhere from Dubai and Hong Kong; along with Lockerz shipping to countries such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Finland, Singapore, Spain, and many more! Stacy looks forward to opening more stores and expanding her brand even further; “expansion=success!”  Although she can’t wait to take the world by storm, it is important to Stacy to maintain an all American company.

“The Fashion Industry is always evolving and you always have to be on your toes and think BIG. I like that.”

Stacy’s favorite things about working in the fashion industry include giving back, raising awareness, working with amazing talent and musicians, team building, growing an empire, strategy brainstorming, and social media. Stacy has always thought “outside the box” which has helped her create her brand from scratch. Stacy has proved that fashion can expand beyond just the typical fashion brands, by working with Smarties to merge fashion and candy. She took NYFW to Penn Station where she staged a runway show for college girls in a Candy Store! (Check out Stacy’s episodes, which can be viewed here:  & ).
Within the next 5 to 10 years Stacy wants to continue to take her brand to all the platforms that she has been building. She plans to collaborate and partner with many smart and talented people as she looks forward to expanding her brand and working with leaders in the industry.  Stacy also told us to look out for sports collars, which she predicts are going to be an up and coming fashion trend!

Stacy Igel

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