Caravan Highlight: Ryan Daly for the Fashion Center

Caravan intern Samantha Saul with Ryan Daly

“The primary mission of the Fashion Center is to sustain and improve upon the vibrancy and vitality of Midtown Manhattan’s Fashion District by promoting the area as a strategic business location for fashion and non-fashion related business alike” –Fashion Center Mission Statement


Ryan Daly has been working at Fashion Center Bid for six years, although he does not consider himself to be “working in the fashion industry.” He began as an infrastructure intern three days a week where he would walk up and down the streets of Manhattan checking the street conditions and reporting them to the city where he became completely knowledgably of the area. Then he began working at the Fashion Center’s front desk and came in contact with many people in the fashion industry. From there he began a networking group entitled, the Emerging Designers Networking Group to bring a range of designers together to exchange ideas and information.


Simply while interviewing Ryan, many different people from all over the world came in with all kinds of questions. He says that it’s primarily fashion interns that come in with questions, but today there was even an aspiring fashion designer from South Africa with questions about applying to Parsons and FIT!


How has the district changed/grown since Ryan’s been working there? Well when he first started working in the district, there were only four hotels in the area, now there are over thirty and more tourists and people than ever! It has simply become a 24/7 neighborhood that is not primarily just business hours anymore.  He says there has to be more sanitation done to the area because of the now, constant traffic of people as well as having more clubs and bars etc. in the area now.


What are some goals he would like seen done in the district? Ryan states how he would like to see more accessible fashion attractions in the area, more fashion tourism. There needs to be more interactive events, places etc. to therefore create more opportunity to keep the identity of fashion in the area.


Any upcoming events going on? Well, they may not all be completely fashion related but there is the Annual Kite Flight going on which is where they close down the bus terminal on Sundays, close the roof off and have families/ children fly kites! There is also the opening of BROADWAY GREEN: Sculpture with Nature on Broadway. And lastly, there is the arts festival coming up in October!


What is Ryan’s favorite part about being in NYC? He says, “It is so easy to get around, nothing is ever to hard to get to and there are so many different types of people. It is quite the international city!”


Where are some of the best places to visit in the district? Ryan told us that the most popular places to visit are of course, Mood on 225 West 37th Street, M&J Trimming on 6th Avenue and 38th Street, The Garment Worker Statue, Hecht Sewing Machine and Motor Co. on 304 West 38th Street, Capitol Fishing Tackle Company which is the oldest fishing company, Lazara’s Pizza on 38th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues, the Fashion Walk of Fame, the many sample sales that go on in the area, a free walking tour of the district that goes on twice a month and lastly, Yeohlee on 25 West 38th Street.


For more information feel free to visit Ryan Daly with all of your questions where he is located in the giant button in the middle of the fashion district, you can’t miss it!

The Fashion Center
Fashion Walk of Fame
The Garment Worker statue
Making funny faces with Ryan

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