Caravan Stylist Studio Hosts Exclusive Viewing Party for VIDBLOGGER NATION Starring Rocco Leo Gaglioti

Written by Janelle Korcheck of Fashion News Live

The VIDBLOGGER NATION Exclusive Viewing Party was hosted by the multifaceted Reality Star and Fashion News Live Host Rocco Leo Gaglioti

VidBlogger Nation is the first-ever Social TV Network; and it launched on Comcast On Demand! Caravan Stylist Studio in Midtown Manhattan was the venue for this fun soiree! This studio was recently reviewed in the fashion magazine Women’s Wear Daily. Alcohol beverage company Harmoniefor Hpnotiq, drinks by TIBI TONIC, fashion nirvana Caravan Stylist Studio, as well as LIVELOUDER sponsored this screening. Celebrities in attendance included Celebrity stylist/ international media personality Derek Warburton, Fashion Expert/ Queer Eye Star Carson Kressley, Interviewer/ Promoter Audrey Johnson, Designer Richie Rich, Debbie Dickinson, Robert Di Mauro, and Supermodel Carole Alt. The Fashion News Live and VIDBLOGGER NATION behind the scenes crew, also enjoyed the entertaining event as well.

As the music died down the attention was turned towards the screen where 4 episodes were presented to the audience.  The first clip was a summary of Rocco’s personal likes and dislikes of living in Jersey, ranging from fashion – city life.  For all you ladies who weren’t here wear those high heels and get rid of your flats! In the second episode Rocco got his hands dirty doing some hard labor for a New Jersey housewife Kim G.  After falling through mud and dirt and getting cut and bruised Rocco showed the audience the value of hard work.  Next, a trip to the apple field was in store where Rocco chased packs of wild turkeys and showed us his ethnic roots from  a farm in Italy.  Lastly, the fourth clip was shown of Rocco on a blind date series where he experienced everything from Champagne poured on his face to the heart-warming beginning of potential relationships.   The event was a fantastic start to the first week of March and will no doubt be the first of many times we hear of Rocco’s new show “VidBlogger Nation.” (Blog Credit: Samara Liu)

Fashion Expert Carson Kressley is quoted for saying at the event, “I didn’t think anyone was funnier than I am” (referring to Rocco on the Vidblogger Nation show).

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