Caravan Stylist Studio Hosts Private Screening Party for Bravo’s Chef Roble & Co.

On Sunday, January 22nd, we hosted an intimate gathering at Caravan Stylist Studio with our friends Daniel Saynt and Rebecca Alexander from for a Bravo private screening party of the show Chef Roble & Co.  This very special episode featured the nuptials of friends to the studio, Malcolm Harris and his partner, Tyson Perez Harris (UnVogue)Malcolm Harris is a New York based fashion designer, creative activist, luxury brand ambassador, humanitarian and columnist for the Huffington Post.  It was a fun and inviting atmosphere that seemed to mimic all the love in the room.  Malcolm and Tyrone were our guests of honor for this event.  We had Glamo from the popular TV Show The Glam Fairy, who played an important role in their nuptials, being the runway coach for their runway show wedding, The Tiny Dancer of New York, who has recently been the subject of a new documentary filmed during New York Fashion Week in 2011 and Nicole Stillings,  Doctress of Love join us for our gathering.

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