Cat Greenleaf sits down with Century 21 Department Store

Caravan loves working with Cat Greenleaf the host of Talk Stoop and USA Daytime. We are always excited to be the go to glam team that Cat uses for all of her on camera life. Cat’s hair has been styled with Sexy Hair products and nails with Zoya Nail Polish.

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Cat Greenleaf & Century 21


Cat Greenleaf would be the first person to admit that she’s got the gift of gab. A natural born storyteller, Greenleaf has found verbal nirvana via Talk Stoop, her very own Emmy-winning celebrity talk show. Airing on NBC and USA Daytime, Talk Stoop’s concept is completely original—famous people drop by Greenleaf’s Brooklyn home for a chat and a cup of Joe on her stoop. Everyone from Sir Ian McKellan to Kim Kardashian has sat on the stairs and met Gracie, her much beloved pooch. “I never planned for it to be a celebrity interview show,” she says. “Celebs are just so rich and fabulous—I thought how annoying.” But as the stars started dropping by, Greenleaf changed her tune. “I have truly come to appreciate the art and perseverance that it takes to be where they are in the world,” she admits. “So, I am no longer a celebrity hater—I’m a celebrity lover.”

C21 Stores Present Cat Greenleaf: A True Talk Show Star


Greenleaf has no qualms about speaking her mind. For example, her thoughts on shoes: “Heels are torture chambers,” she says. “They’re bad on my feet and my soul, so I never wear them. I only wear sneakers.” Greenleaf has an extensive collection of Converse kicks that she pairs with everything—even formalwear. “I don’t want to be one of those women whose feet are killing them at the end of the night,” states Greenleaf. “I want to be happy at the end of the night.” Greenleaf takes this same spunky, pragmatic approach when it comes to LUST (Look Up Stop Texting), her accessory and T-shirt line designed to remind people to take a time-out from texting. “It’s my company, credo, and something I think we all need to do,” she explains. “We are all so busy looking down at our phones that we no longer notice our surroundings.” While Greenleaf admits that she does text during her workday, she has made her home a no text zone. “Texting has its place in our society, but I think we can all benefit from a little more real human communication.” Spoken like a true talk show star.terrie collymore

C21 Stores Present Cat Greenleaf: A True Talk Show Star

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