How to get the look from the Dana Maxx presentation at The Carlton Hotel


Dana Maxx Models
Dana Maxx Models


Dana Maxx Models
Dana Maxx Models

From our show with Dana Maxx and Ben-Amun there were three models that walked the crowd dressed to the nines. The models look was a clean the hair was straightened and tucked behind the ear with a deep side part and the makeup was a heavy bronzed cheek with a soft bronze eye and nude lip.

Hair was styled using all Salon Grafix products.

To achieve the models hair we started with a misting of Restyler. This does just about everything you want.  Creating static free, refreshed and heat-protected hair once applied the straightening began. Taking small sections of the hair starting with in the back of their head. Give the hair a small spray of Freezing Hair Spray to each section. Holding the section of hair with a small toothed comb now with the other hand take your flat iron placing it behind the comb on that section of hair and let one glide right behind each other. This will assure your individual strands of hair contact with the heat and keeps them straight while eliminating frizz and creases. Now continue on till all the hair is done.

Once this is done take the fine-toothed comb other end (the pointed handle end) separate a side part. Align the part above your natural arch of your eyebrow. Taking the larger section comb it down toward your ear. While combing down this section of hair once you reach the top of the ear combing in the direction to curve the hair behind the ear.

Now your hair is done all you need is a finishing spray of ChromaLogica High Gloss Hair Spray.

On to the makeup using all POP Beauty Cosmetics to get the look.

Starting with a Beam Base Primer applied to the whole face this gives a great natural glow to the skin. With the No Show Concealer using a minimal amount to the under eye area and any little spots that needed that extra bit of coverage. With a large powder brush apply No Show No Shine Powder to set your makeup. This gives great coverage and for most it eliminates the need for foundation.

Using Eye Magnet Primer and priming the eye this will give it all daywear and higher pigmented color.

With all the color choices from the POP Portfolio eye shadows you will be sure to find the perfect mix of bronzed shades to complement your skin tone.

Going with a light cream color right under the brow and on the lash line taking a deep bronze shade and blending it into the lash line. Use a medium sized brush and blend the dark shade into the light shade till you don’t see any drastic color separation. With My One Liner a liquid line is applied right on the upper lash line once dry use Peak Performance Mascara in Black to define the lashes.

For the eyebrows I used a dark brown shadow color from the Lid Nude collection. Shadows give a more natural look to the eyebrow and a not so penciled on brow.

The cheeks were bronzed and defined using a mix of Butterfly Bronzer Blush, Sun Bronzer and highlighting along the upper cheek bone with Blush Beam.

Lips were Aqua Lacquer in No.1 Sheer Honey Nude.

Now you have everything you need to know on how to get the look.


Dana Maxx Models
Dana Maxx Models




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