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I love this film – I  definitely have my share of GBFs and love them.

GBF tells the story of two closeted best friends, Tanner (Michael J. Willett) and Brent (Paul Iacono). Brent longs for the spotlight and has a plan that will make him the most popular kid in school. He believes that coming out will make him instantly popular, as the newest must-have teen girl “accessory”: The G.B.F. Tanner on the other hand, would rather fly under the radar and graduate from high school without ever being noticed. When things don’t go according to plan and Tanner is outed instead of Brent, the two boys go from B.F.F.s to instant frenemies and the three most popular girls in school — queen-of-mean bombshell Fawcett (Sasha Pieterse), drama club diva Caprice (Xosha Roquemore) and sweet, Mormon good-girl ‘Shley (Andrea Bowen) launch an all-out social war to win Tanner’s status-enhancing friendship. Meanwhile, Tanner must choose between skyrocketing popularity and the friends he is leaving behind.

The film also stars Megan Mullally, Evanna LynchJoJoNatasha LyonneRebecca Gayheart, Jonathan Silverman and Horation Sanz. It premiered at the  Tribeca Film Festival on April 19.

Personally, I think this is one of the funniest films out there and encourage everyone to go and see it when it comes out in theaters ( hopefully soon!). It is important that we stand up for who we are. It is important for us to treat everyone equally. This film is a feel good film that makes you laugh and if you love fashion – the styling is awesome!  It keeps on the top of our minds that we need to be accepting and loving.   The fact that gay marriage rights is even a question shocks me.  All we can do is be ourselves, believe in ourselves, help others and keep an open heart. I believe our whole world will one day get with the program and understand we are all created equally and we all have our right to our sexuality, our bodies, our minds and our hearts. That is our decision no one else can decide that for us.  Everyone needs to know it is “in” to be “out ( a little line that promotes the film that I love.)

Enough preaching see the film…. and check out this adorable cast !

I had the opportunity to catch up with them at the Babyliss Pro Arts & Cinema Studio that happened on the day of their premiere.  It was so cool to see a cast that was so close – knit, dressed like they popped out of an amazingly styled editorial shoot and were super nice and funny in person.

Babyliss Pro was on-site handling all the styling for the cast to get them ready for all their press photos and interviews with their new WHITE HOT collection.



I loved Sasha Pieterse’s pretty curls, striped dress and adorably feminine  shoes.


Xosha Roquemore wore an awesome metallic skirt  and  studded shoes

ArtsCinemaStudio_1125Molly Tarlov also wore a cute pair of studded shoes.

Molly wore an adorable floral print dress and her hair high in a cool high bun.


Andrea Bowen wore her hair up as well, in a cute ponytail, wearing the black & white trend and cute pink pumps


Paul Iacono has awesome style – I loved his striped sweater and motorcycle jacket  – the best accessory – his smile !


Michael J. Willett rocked a BALLIN Paris shirt … super cute and a great shrunken jacket and cool pants !


Check out the trailer and put this film,GBF on your TDL asap !



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