Elizabeth Masucci from the new TNT show “PUBLIC MORALS” visits Caravan Stylist Studio

Elizabeth Masucci from “PUBLIC MORALS”   –  a new crime drama project from Ed Burns. The show is about  “New York City, 1967. In the Public Morals Division, cops walk the line between morality and criminality as the temptations that comes from dealing with all kinds of vice can get the better of them. Cop Terry Muldoon (Burns) knows the line between the good guys and bad guys is thin, and he is determined to raise his sons to be honest and hardworking as he deals with the dark underbelly of the vice world.”

She found some great pieces from bobi by Kara Lusardi,  Nikki Poulos and our favorite tee from JUNK FOOD the Basquiat tee.


Valerie explained a lot about our beauty products_DSC7856 Caravan made sure to tell her all about how much we love Zoya and show her the new summer colors _DSC7857

Elizabeth wore a great dress by TRACY REESE to her UPFRONT event.


Elizabeth’s look was elegant and fresh. We started with her hair and decided to keep it down but add a little bounce and body. First, we prepped the hair with Sexy Hair 450 Headset. We chose 450 Headset because it has great holding power since she told us her hair was hard to hold a curl. We then gave all the hair a liberal dose of Soy Touchable Hairspray. Using 2 different styling wands for a very natural organic curl. One styling wand was 1 inch styling wand and the other was what I call the bubble styling wand and with every row of hair curled we switched the wands back and fourth. Once the hair was all curled Get Layered Hairspray was sprayed throughout all the curls. The hair was left to sit for as long as possible while we went on to makeup. Once the curls had time to cool and setup we lightly tousled the hair and gave it one more light spray of Get Layered Hairspray for an all night touchable hold.

For Elizabeth’s makeup we went with a bit of rust and deep browns for the eyes. The eyes were sultry but still a great wearable look. We first prepped the skin with a little MD Complete eye cream a hydrating eye cream before we started on the makeup.  The eyeshadow that we used came from the palettes Mexico City and Berlin and with a little bit of HD Cream Liner in aubergine lined along the upper lash line her eyes were super sultry. We also used HD Primer all over to give a perfect canvas to the face and when just a bit of HD Micro Foundation Smoothing Fluid Elizabeth was picture perfect.

Caravan proudly uses products from our amazing beauty sponsors. To get great hair we Sexy Hair for the products and Ikonic for our hot tools. For the perfect complexion we use Kryolan Professional Makeup and with the rainbow of colors there is something for everyone and MD Complete Skincare and Herban Essentials for our beauty treatments.We love to use Herban Essentials its great as a destresser and a natural antibacterial.


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