EMMA MYLES from “Orange is the New Black” attends the New York Ballet with breath-taking style

 Emma Myles from the Netflix’s show Orange Is the New Black ,gets all glammed with Caravan before attending the New York City Ballet. We simple adored her jewelry designed by Slight Jewelry, and the perfectly paired clutch by NINA Shoes

emma myles  

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For Emma’s hair we wanted to show off the neckline of the dress and keep the hair up with an effortlessly styled low bun. We used some of the OGX Sugar Spray as well as a little bit of the OGX Fiber Wax along with the Olivia Garden StyleUp Brush to create this look.emma myles hair 

The makeup was all about the eyes for this event with shades of MustaeV shadows in Deep Blues that faded into shades of Pink shadows applied with the E23 Large Shadow Brushemma myles makeup


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