Emma Roberts’ fashion during her press day at the Babyliss Pro Arts & Cinema studio for “ADULT WORLD”

  Emma was wearing great pants and a flowy black & white top with silver pointy shoes that were just sharp during her press day at the Babyliss Pro Arts & Cinema Studio. I loved her little charm necklaces.   She looked smart and comfortable for an all day press conference for her film ADULT WORLD.  I was so lucky to see the film the night before -Emma is amazing in it – she keeps you interested throughout the film – she needs to show so many different faces and emotions during the film – from the serious poet to the screaming crazy girl to just a girl that likes a boy.  I loved the fact that John Cusack is in it who plays a role somewhat reminiscent of past roles but with a twist – he still wears a long coat and feels somewhat somber at times. He is very entertaining throughout the film since you don’t know what he is thinking. Emma Roberts is putting her feelings and dreams out there while John Cusack’s character is very quiet and aloof the whole time.   Then there is Evan Peter’s character who is just sweet and you just want to be his friend.

I highly recommend everyone to check out ADULT WORLD.

In the interim, check out Emma Robert’s fashion the day of Babyliss Pro’s Art & Cinema Studio


ArtsCinemaStudio_1149All Photos by Tom Concordia 


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