Entrepreneur.com and Claudine DeSola Talk Caravan with Jessica Abo

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If you ever wanted to know just what Caravan Stylist Studio is all about and why we do what we do then check out this video on Entrepreneur.com.

Jessica Abo of Entrepreneur.com sits down with Claudine DeSola founder of Caravan Stylist Studio, to get an inside view of how Caravan links brands together in a unique and memorable way with talent, social influencers, beauty and fashion editors within the industry.

Caravan Stylist Studio is a beauty and fashion styling studio where we showcase brands in a unique and organic way. Working with everything from beauty brands to healthy snacks and tech that is relevant to the talent and social influencers that visit us.

At our studio brand partners get the opportunity to have their products reach their target audiences, social influencers, and talent through product sampling designed specifically for each individual that visits Caravan. With a bevy of fashion and creative events as well as our one-on-one beauty appointments.

Our brand partner’s products are utilized for red carpet glam, photo shoots, video shoots, blog posts, social posts, fashion and creative events all while creating a buzz within a physical environment.

Each year we have had the opportunity to have over 300 private appointments, along with over a dozen events throughout the year. We host an array of lifestyle events such as film screenings, musician showcases, fashion shows, trunk events, NYFW events, tech events and more. This gives us the opportunity to reach at least 50-100 people in attendance per event, that allows your brand and products to be showcased to an additional 1000+ key people within the industry.

Our goal is to help our brand partners grow and build content on social platforms. Brand partners can also utilize the studio as their own for meetings, blogger events, product launches, and VIP consumer events etc. Brand partners can work with our beauty director for any beauty video content of “how to” and product knowledge.

Caravan Stylist Studio is a new way to advertise, market, sample, create content, PR and to embark on an interesting social media campaign that makes a lasting impression.

We are always on the look out for interesting fashion and beauty oriented Tech. It’s an important category for brands to tap into, such as new fashion applications for mobile devices, etc.

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