Fashion Camp NYC Visits Caravan!

As most of you already know, Caravan’s mission is to educate and connect. One of our favorite parts of the job description is unveiling the talent within our beloved fashion district! When we heard about Fashion Camp NYC, an organization started by husband and wife duo Fran Della Badia and Gordon Josey, we were so excited to shed some light and discuss fashion with a roomful of teens aged 12-18! Fashion Camp NYC is a program where 300 lucky teens from across the country flock to our great city to learn all about the different aspects of the fashion industry for five days. This is a fabulous opportunity for these kids to determine if their “passion for fashion” could be turned into a career one day! Throughout their time in the city, they explore the merchandising, marketing, PR and design aspects of the industry, along with so much more. This is the chance that I wish I had back in the day to hear from executives, stylists, designers, bloggers, editors, etc. about what it is truly like to work in fashion! Debra Forstenzer, the program director, coordinated and brought this wonderful group to our studio last week. Claudine Desola, the creator of Caravan Stylist Studio, gave an inspiring talk and taught them all about what we set out to do here at Caravan. We discussed all the fun events we have coming up, as well as people we have worked with in the past. It was during the Q&A that I was truly impressed by the intelligence of these young fashion mavens! We heard some amazing questions that really showed how interested the kids were about our mission and how serious they are about their futures! Later on, I conducted a fun activity where we got to know one another’s style inspirations, dream careers, etc. When it was time to leave, the kids received our roomy canvas totes to carry the fashion district spirit with them for the rest of their trip!We wish all the best to the teens…keep taking charge of your future!

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