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Known as a major, if not most significant fashion hub in the world, Caravan Stylist Studio has set out on the streets of New York City to develop and deliver a unique new project. The garment district is bursting with fiery and sophisticated fashion brands such as Carmen Marc Valvo, Nicole Miller, Kay Unger, Maggy London and many more. With street style becoming such a widespread phenomena, this project focuses on returning to New York’s fashion central. Named simply as The Fashion District Project, this new endeavor encompasses various individuals who have granted access along with a real live look inside the fashion industry. Not only will this project showcase designers and brands, but it will also cover individuals that help make this industry possible, including models, publicists, sales teams and sewers. Along with these different people and King our resident photographer, the project will capture city-goers and their street style of the garment center. With weekly postings on our blog, this program will also appear on social media.  Ultimately, this program will feature designers, their companies and take an exploratory angle on the influence of New York City street style.
D&E GIRLSD&EFounded in 2001 by Della Olsher Levine and Erica Levine Ryan, ELR Media Group (a division of D&E Marketing Group) specializes in publicity and brand development. This skilled agency focuses on fashion apparel, accessories, lifestyle, beauty, retail and event production while providing clients with exclusive services offered by an in-house creative marketing departmentSource:  













4 collective4. Collective

4.collective created by a stylish team of four anonymous women, takes the modern, contemporary woman from day to evening- flawlessly. What’s incredibly unique about the brand is the versatility in which it encompasses. 4 Collective proves that versatility, femininity and modernism can all be intertwined to create a beautifully confident look for the on-the-go woman. 














The Theia Collection was created to bring out a woman’s inner goddess. Inspired by her power of light, she shines in glitter becoming radiantly beautiful. Theia is fabricated with the finest European brocades, silks and prints available. Each piece is designed with this goddess in mind. The exquisite hand stitching of the collections’ evening gowns and cocktail dresses is what sets Theia apart  from the rest.












BeFunky_CMV Matt Carmouche.jpgCarmen Marc Valvo

The Carmen Marc Valvo lifestyle brand encompasses several collections. His expansive empire includes his signature collection of luxurious cocktail dresses entitled, Carmen Marc Valvo Couture launched in 1998. Carmen’s designs have been worn by notable women over the past two decades and continue to represent his uniquely timeless and glamourous aesthetic with style and grace.













Born and raised in New York with no formal training, Kirat S. Anand began his career outside of fashion.  But it wasn’t long before he left to follow his dreams of being a designer. As a young child he would visit India and spend his time in factories and sampling rooms. While there and surrounded by artisans, pattern makers and tailors, he gained an understanding of the key components of design. Soon after, Kirat launched his own brand in New York. His design aesthetic combines neo-traditional urban style with luxurious bohemian vintage accents to create urbane lux sophistication. With such visually stimulating patterns, colors and flattering silhouettes, KAS delivers an incredibly fun and unique sense of style.










BeFunky_KAY UNGER GIRL- MONIKA LANGE.jpgKay Unger New York

Kay Unger New York, established in 1995, is a sophisticated fashion brand that continues to redefine classic style for the modern woman. The label embodies elegance, style and exquisite design while drawing upon the traditional elegance to create fashion forward pieces that flatter every woman. The Kay Unger look has the ability to transition any woman from daytime to evening with impeccable sophistication.












BeFunky_fdp072814-16KatieFong.jpgKatie Fong

Katie Fong, a talented young visionary designs pieces inspired by artisan traditions of the great American and European ateliers. Her collection encompasses various elements based on techniques studied at The Fashion Institute of Technology and Oscar De La Renta. Uniquely, her designs are manufactured in New York City while focusing on integrating one of a king designs with the finest fabrics, laces and embroidery give women around the world a sense of confidence and playfulness.












BeFunky_fdp072814-22.jpgShana Luther Handbags

Shana Luther has a unique design philosophy centered on craftsmanship and thoughtfully sourced materials. She says simply, “I love the idea of dressing around one’s bag… the bag has always been the focal point for me”. Her designs are meant to be worn. The collection is sophisticated, clean cut and has a practical design aesthetic. Shana is often seen in leather shops around New York and Brooklyn searching for unique and one of a kind materials.

Source: ShanaLutherHangbags











BeFunky_fdp_0804-5.jpgTabii Just:
Uniquely its own, Tabitha St. Bernard’s collection, Tabii Just, provides women with eco-friendly ready-to wear clothing options. The design aesthetic involves the unified relationship of Brooklyn edge and an easy-going Trinidadian vibe. Tabitha’s designs prove that you can be sustainable without being boring. Tabii Just is designed and manufactured in NYC and takes great pride in supporting local
Source: Tabii Just
BeFunky_fdp_0804-13.jpgMary Lai New York:
Mary Lai New York is a one-of-a-kind, unique collection of luxury leather handbags. The bags are designed in New York and made by skilled artisans with an old-world attention to detail.  Every bag has a heart logo to represent the love given to creating each piece. The collection’s designer, Mary Lai, is the creative brains behind the brand which merges high quality with an ultra modern edge.
Source: Mary Lai New York
BeFunky_fdp_0804-34.jpgRESTORE Clothing:
RESTORE is a New York based designer and manufacturer of eco-active apparel dedicated to the vision that people can enhance their lives, and those of others, through mindful product choices. Anthony Lilore, Design Process Warrior Chief of RESTORE Clothing, stands behind the company’s belief that what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them. From table to T-shirt, processed food to manufacturing process, nothing is insignificant. The brand works with passion and purpose to make the process better, while being mindful of People, Planet and Profit.
Source: RESTOREclothing
Brooklyn based, Charles Harbison launched his collection entitled HARBISON in 2013. The design aesthetic of the collection emphasizes the modernist movement, a period in which his studies largely centered around.  HARBISON reflects femininity while also allowing a woman to equally embrace her masculinity. This New York collection speaks of vulnerability and strength and to the hard and soft within every human being- a perfect balance. Each HARBISON collection is designed with a focus on construction, balance and the modernist code.
BeFunky_fdp_0804-45.jpgDonna Morgan:
Simply stated, “The Donna Morgan brand is as multi-faceted as the woman who wears it”- a philosophy unique to the brand. Each collection holds a contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic. Donna Morgan strives to create pieces which cater to luxury without breaking the bank. Their commitment lies in designing women’s wear without compromising quality for value. It exudes both beauty and comfort-ability, making Donna Morgan a truly unique brand.
Source: Donna Morgan















We would like to send a big thank you to 4 Collective, Theia, D&E, Carmen Marc Valvo, KAS New York , Kay Unger, Katie Fong and Shana Luther , Tabii Just, Mary Lai, RESTORE Clothing, HARBISON, and Donna Morgan  for giving us an inside look at their studios! Check back soon for more inside looks and street style!

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