Fatima’s fun hair for Caravan Stylist Studio’s fashion party!

0168Fashion NIght Party Caravan 2013It was so much fun to have Fatima joining Caravan for our fashion party. Not only did Fatima help in hosting the event, she was super fun to style too.

Fatima Ptacek is best known as the current voice of Dora in Nickelodeon animated television series Dora the Explorer.

For Fatima’s hair we did something fun and created two small French braids on one side of her head while leaving the rest of the hair down with volume and curls.

We started by prepping the hair with Salon Grafix ReStyler and then went throughout the hair with a large barrel curling iron from Babyliss Pro. Once the curls were done we set them with a spray of Shaping Hairspray to let them set and cool.

Taking a section of hair from one side right above the ear and going back about an inch past the ear. This section was split into two sections one above the other. With the top section we did a French Braid and repeated this to the lower section of hair. Once the braids were done a spray of Freezing Hairspray was used to hold them in place. For the remainder of the hair an effortless fluff of the hair and Fatima was ready for the party.

Fatima is wearing a cute custom dress by Tabii Just




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