Foodie Brat holds their Official Launch Party at White & Church on March 30th!

On Friday, March 30th Maria Fernandez, AKA Moxie Maria held the FOODIE BRAT Official Launch Party at party at White & Church.  The party was a great success with over 400 guests in attendance to show their love and support.  Everyone showed up ready to celebrate in style.  Serving yummy bites created by Matteo Boglione and a mixture of Bacardi cocktails, as well as a really cool drink called Tibi Tonic which is a hangover preventative elixir so you can have a “Big night and a Better Morning.” Foodie Brat is an online publication that focuses on anything that has to do with “food, booze, shoes and dudes”, which is the Foodie Brat Slogan.  They create one of a kind event’s that are designed to reflect your individual style, which includes elite catering/mixology, marketing and public relations.

Check out her new site for more pics from this fun party!

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