From Modern to Mod

Sixties glamour is almost like its own entity. Just mentioning the sixties makes any girl swoon with thoughts of Mad Men classic beauty or Twiggy’s enduring style. So, it is all too easy to let yourself fall into the gorgeous sixties daydream. For work after a morning of shopping, I channeled the early sixties. When the fifties silhouette was still the epitome of chic, but the Youth Quake was quickly approaching. This peach printed Just Taylor dress is light and fun having the feel of a classic sixties woman. Of course, no look is complete without the perfect hair, soft curls from a 2 inch Babyliss Pro curling iron teased and lifted -thanks to a Bump It and a fog of Rusk Being Sexy hairspray- to perfection. With a very era-inspired look it is important to keep that cool and modern girl vibe by adding some young, fun accessories, the R&Em handbags are always a shock of cool, especially this great carry-all with its unique hardware to match the simple and cute We Dream In Colour necklace. With a big skirt like this, these bright Report Signature sandals are needed to both make this feel a little more modern and to lengthen the leg under such a full skirt.

For a night of glamour, another beautiful Just Taylor dress captures the feel of the late sixties when Twiggy was the choice cover girl and thanks to the fashion revolution that was ensuing and the mini skirt was becoming a staple. Twiggy’s eyes are one of her most memorable features. I tried to get her iconic Mod look with some heavy eyeliner and a lot of Ulta makeup remover on Q-tips, for mistakes and to get some symmetry. With liquid liner like this, you have to be careful with the rest of your makeup not to look overdone. Light taupe eye shadow deepens the eyebrows and frames the eyes and a light natural lip intensifies the dramatic look. Another pair of Report Signature shoes made this just sexy enough for a night event, but the beaded Buji Baja bracelets and fun cocktail ring by Accessory Artists make it young and fresh. Then to top it all off a Michelle Vale clutch to give it a party feel and obviously hold touch-up make up to keep this looks going long into the night. Dressing my way through the sixties, I can easily see why Mod glamour lives on, because it is always fun to try to capture that sexy and chic allure.

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