Holiday “How To” glamour looks to rock to any party

When it comes to getting dressed up for all those holiday parties, there are a few great tips and tricks to easily add that extra pop of glam to your little black dress.

There is always a fine line to glamming up your makeup look. You want to look put together and have that visible wow factor, but you never want to look like a paint by numbers.

Here are a few ideas to try for that extra touch of holiday glam.



Try a new spin on the classic Frenchbraid with this great go to hairstyle. A side Frenchbraid with one side loose and voluminous.side frenchbraid

What you will need
Heat Protector
Styling wand (1inch to 1.5inches or Tapered Styling Wand)
Texture Paste
– Hair Pins
– Hair Tie

Start by making a deep side part and with either a tapered styling wand or a 1inch wand, to create the texture and waves throughout the hair. We used a tapered styling wand by IkonicStyle. Starting the structure of the wave mid-shaft down. Leaving the top portion of the hair natural. Remember to always use a heat protector whenever using any hot tool. I always use 450 Headset from Sexy Hair, it gives the hair great hold and protects it from the high heat of a styling tool.

Once the waves are done, give them a good spray of a touchable hairspray. I love using Get Layered by Sexy Hair. (It doesn’t feel as if you’ve used hairspray with an ultra fine mist it’s perfect.)

Now that the hair is textured and has great waves, it’s time to braid.Photo on 11-13-14 at 2_Fotor_Collage

Start the frenchbraid on the smaller side of the deep part at the hairline near the ear. While you are braiding you want to keep the braid, low and following it down and around to the nape of the neck. You may need to use a small amount of texture paste to help grip the hair and hold the braid in place.

Once your frenchbraid has almost reached the other side of the nape of the neck, stop frenchbraiding.

Leave out the front section of hair from the other side of the deep part that hasn’t been incorporated into the frenchbraid.

With the remainder of hair from the Frenchbraid start to do either a regular braid or for a fun twist start fishtail braiding it. Braid that section all the way and secure with a small hair tie.

Tousle the remainder of the hair and pin the braid into the loose hair to incorporate it into the loose hair.

Spray a bit of Hairspray to eliminate any flyaways plus it will give the waves an all day hold.

Look#1eye makeup look 2

A play on the smoky eye.
Try opting for a green or bronzed color eyeshadow for a lighter version of a smoky eye.

What you will need
Light Green or bronzed eyeshadow
Dark green or bronzed eyeshadow
Black eyeshadow
Black eyeliner pencil
Brow brush
Brow powder
Large eyeshadow brush
Blending eyeshadow brush
Small angled brush
– Mascara
Nude/natural lip color
– Eyelash curler
Translucent loose powder
Eye Cream

Always remember to always apply moisturizer and eye cream at least 5 minutes before makeup application. We love using Simple Skin Care we used the Ultra Light Gel Moisturizer and Revitalizing Eye Roll-OnEyes

With a matte nude eyeshadow shade to match your skin tone sweep this along the brow bone and into the inner corner of your eye. Use a large eyeshadow brush

Use medium blending/crease brush with the deepest shade of green/bronze, apply to the lashline and along the natural crease of the eye. We used the eyeshadow palette Cape Town.

With the light shade pat this onto the middle area of the lid below the crease. Slightly blending this into the darker shade.

With a small angled brush, apply the darkest shade right along the upper lash line, and slightly along the outer half of the lower lash line.

With the black eyeshadow slightly accent the outer corner of the eyes along the lash line and lightly blended upward into the outer area of the crease.

To add a little drama to this eyeshadow use a soft eyeliner pencil in black. Lining the upper lash line.

I love to mix textures and by applying a light shimmered shadow over the middle area of the liner will add dimension.

Curl your lashes and use a few coats of mascara. Brush out your eyebrows and lightly fill them in with a brow powder.

Keep your skin as natural as possible by only applying foundation/concealer only to problem areas.

Once the skin has been set with a translucent powder mist with a setting spray or use a natural rose water to set the makeup and it takes away that powdered look.

Add a bit of bronzer to bring back definition and color. We used Glamour Glow Palette in Posh

Keep the lips nude and natural with the makeup look. The Nude Lip Palette is perfect for this look.


Try a fun deconstructed top bun. This is a super easy hairstyle, anyone can create this look.

What you will need
– Brush/comb
– A few Bobby pins
– Hair ties
– A bit of Hairspraydeconstructed top bun _Fotor

Start by gathering all of your hair to the top of your head. This is where the brush/comb might be needed. Lightly brush the hair that is going to be gathered into the ponytail. Only brush the section of hair prior to where the ponytail starts. Do Not brush the portion of the hair that will be coming out from the ponytail.

You will want to spray a bit of Hairspray around the gathered hair to help keep down any flaws. We love using Sexy Hair Get Layered Hairspray.

Now the hair is ready for the hair tie. I find that an easy way to give added volume to the bun is once you’ve twisted the hair tie around the ponytail once and you’re going for the second twist around. Haphazardly grab almost the entire ponytail and only feed it halfway through the hair tie. This leaves you with the start to a messy bun.

With the bobby pins. Fine-tune the sections of hair, forming them into the perfect deconstructed top bun. A few extra sprays of Hairspray and your hair is perfectly imperfect.

Look#2silver eye

A great makeup look to pair with this hairstyle is a bold lip with a shimmering light eye.

What you will need
– Eyeshadow or cream shadow in silver or gold
– Eye Shadow Primer (if you use eyeshadow- You don’t need this if you are using cream shadow)
Large eyeshadow brush
Brow brush
Angled Brow Brush
– Eyebrow powder
– Concealer/foundation
– Cream highlighter
– Eyelash curler
– Mascara
– Bronzed colored blush
Large blush brush
– Translucent loose powder
– Statement lip color
– Moisturizer
– Eye Cream2014-11-13 13_Fotor_Collage

Always remember to apply moisturizer and eye cream at least 5 minutes before makeup application. We always use Simple Skincare to keep all of our clients skin looking its best. We used Simple Ultra Gel Moisturizer and Radiance Cleansing Wipes.

I suggest an effortless eye, by sweeping either a light silver shadow or light gold across your lid. Depending on your outfit and skin tone will determine either gold or silver. Keep the density of the color in the middle lower portion of your upper lid and fading out when it reaches your natural crease. There is no need for any other shadow. You can use a cream shadow that is applied with your finger or powder/pressed eyeshadow applied with a large shadow brush. We love using Kryolan Professional Makeup because the pigments are perfect and the quality of the product is amazing. For this look we used Kryolan’s 5Shade Color Palette in Berlin

Brush your brow out and lightly define them with a brow powder. (I like brow powders over a pencil because it looks much more natural)

Curl your lashes and apply mascara. You don’t want thick clumpy lashes keep them elongated and defined.

Use minimal concealer/foundation. Only cover any blemishes or areas of concern. You want a fresh face that has a natural glow. Set your concealer/foundation with a translucent loose powder. Mist your freshly powdered face with a light misting of rose water or setting spray.

Opt for a cream highlighter to accent your upper cheekbones up and around the outer eye area.

Apply a light touch of a bronzed colored blush with the Glamour Glow Palette in Posh  to the apples of the cheeks.

The lip is where you are going to be focusing all your color. Try a bright, bold orange, a deep purple, or a dark blood red. The color you chose depends on your natural skin tone as well as what you’re wearing.

Now you’ve got a complete holiday look in only a few minutes.



– Thanks to Katherine & Annabell, Caravans great interns for allowing us to use them for these holiday makeup looks. 

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