HOLLY TAYLOR from “THE AMERICANS” for the International Emmy’s

It’s always exciting to work with the super talented, Holly Taylor. Known for her role as Paige Jennings in the FX series, The Americans, Holly graced the red carpet in a gorgeous blue flower print gown by ML Monique Lhuillier and shoes by NINA SHOES. We are obsessed with the sparkling jewelry that Holly was wearing from GABRIEL & CO Jewelry. It was exciting that Holly was one of the presenters at the 43rd International Emmy Awards

For Holly’s glam we used some great products from amazing brands from Johnson & Johnson Healthy Essentials® like NEUTROGENA® and AVEENO®

It’s always so much fun getting to glamorize the adorable Holly Taylor for any red carpet event. We wanted to give her a very Hollywood look with her hair and makeup this time. For the hair we started off by creating a deep side part and using a 1 inch curling iron throughout her hair, once the curls had time to set we then brushed them out to create the classic Hollywood S shape wave to her hair. 

For Holly’s makeup we really loved the idea of a powerful red lip to make a statement. We lined her eyes with a black pencil liner and smudged it into the lash line. We used the Nourishing Eye Liner in Black.

The shadow hues we used were in the bronze shades. The bronze shadow was blended into the crease of the lid and a champagne shade was used to highlight the inner corners and along the brow bone. We used the Nourishing Long Wear Eyeshadow with Built-in Primer in Mink Brown.

holly taylor

holly taylor 1


TV Guide covers the International Emmy’s Firefox_Screenshot_2015-12-01T16-14-31.289Z Firefox_Screenshot_2015-12-01T16-14-44.912Z 



Famous Fix covers the International Emmy’s Firefox_Screenshot_2015-12-03T20-42-47.054Z Firefox_Screenshot_2015-12-03T20-42-57.643Z Firefox_Screenshot_2015-12-03T20-43-46.296Z Firefox_Screenshot_2015-12-03T20-44-17.929Z

UPI covers Holly TaylorFirefox_Screenshot_2015-11-30T21-50-48.483ZFirefox_Screenshot_2015-11-30T21-50-31.719Z


International Emmy Awards holly taylor


DITTO ANDHRA covers the International Emmy’s Firefox_Screenshot_2015-11-30T21-52-15.467Z Firefox_Screenshot_2015-11-30T21-52-28.754Z Firefox_Screenshot_2015-11-30T21-52-53.700Z Firefox_Screenshot_2015-11-30T21-53-24.317Z

MSN Entertainment covers the International Emmy’s

Firefox_Screenshot_2015-11-30T21-55-50.677ZFirefox_Screenshot_2015-11-30T21-54-36.657Z GOTCELEB covers the International Emmy’s  Firefox_Screenshot_2015-11-30T21-56-33.219Z Firefox_Screenshot_2015-11-30T21-58-02.606Z


Entertainment IE covers International Emmy’s Firefox_Screenshot_2015-11-30T21-58-43.059Z Firefox_Screenshot_2015-11-30T21-59-04.970Z Firefox_Screenshot_2015-11-30T21-59-47.537ZStar Sightings covers the International Emmy’s



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