House of the Gods

If you ever dare to let out your inner Rock Star or just want to feel a little edgy, then House of the Gods may be perfect for you.  We have all gone gaga over these amazing “original bootleg” Tees.  They come in an assortment of styles that range from button embellishments, cut outs, sequins and more.  You have to get your hands on one of these tees and be the envy of the downtown edgy New York City scene!

House of the Gods was founded by Buddhistpunk in 2006 to take advantage of the Rock & Roll relationships that Buddhistpunk has built up since its own launch in 1999.

Buddhistpunk has collaborated both professionally and privately, whether for the stage, publicity, tour merchandise or their own personal wardrobes, for artists as diverse as “ Schooly D, The Prodigy, The Gossip, Gary Numan, The Rolling Stones, Blondie, Guns and Roses, Aerosmith, Kylie, Britney Spears, U2, Ian Astbury, Iggy Pop, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Roxy Music, Run DMC, David Bowie, The Police and many more.

Buddhistpunk is heavily print based and shares a natural aesthetic with Rock & Roll, the spirit of being in the moment, of mixing pop culture iconography with the now, the low and the high and is probably the most integrated fashion house with the Rock & Roll industry.

House of the Gods continues in the great tradition of Rock & Roll garments and band tees which embody the spirit of our favorite artists and was launched to specialize in design driven Rock & Roll fashion, developing its own singular style of original artwork reinventing iconic imagery in the context of modern fashion and so making it relevant today.

The House of the Gods range for men and women includes a variety of t.shirts and dress styles, alongside other customized rock and roll wardrobe essentials. The range is currently sold worldwide through leading department stores and independent boutiques.


Check out some House of the Gods discovered at Caravan Stylist Studio!


The Queen of the Underground


Styled by Inoisell Miranda




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