& BryanBoy visit Caravan Studio!

Caravan Studio has it’s fair share of fashion fun this past Monday.  We were so luck to have Imagine Fashion and the one and only Bryan Boy working in our studio! is known for giving their audience an extremely insightful and vibrant look into the world of fashion.  It is absolutely possible to spend hours on their site watching interview after interview and fashion film after fashion film and still be craving for more.  How they portray the life and beauty that is our fashion world is so unique it submerges the viewers into a front row seat of the creation and life of select powerhouses and players in the industry.  Monday was the day they interviewed influential fashion blogger Byran Boy.  Keeping up with the excitement that is Byran Boy’s blog is so much fun! His international fashion adventures is practically every fashion obsessed girl’s dream and the creative insight he sheds on the industry leaves his followers wanting more and more.

It was such a treat to see the lights and the camera going on his interview! The hair, makeup, and witty conversations going on throughout the studio made the day extra interesting in any fashion lovers eyes. and Bryan Boy made our day!

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