JAMILA VELAZQUEZ from the TV show “EMPIRE” gets red carpet ready at Caravan

The adorable Jamila Velazquez from the hit FOX TV show “Empire” gets her red carpet glam at Caravan.

On the show Empire Jamila plays the role of up and coming pop singer Laura Calleros the girlfriend of Hakeem Lyon.

 Jamila Velazquez


For Jamila’s hair we wanted to go with a sleek slicked back hairstyle to complement the suite. We love using OGX hair products for creating awesome hairstyles. For this look we used OGX Keratin Oil Spray to give a great shine to the hair. And to help hold this sleek style in place all night long we love using the OGX Elevated Finish Spray. jamila hair

With the makeup look for Jamila we wanted to accent the eyes and keep the lips a lovely nude shade. For her eyes we used the POP Smokin’ Hot eyeshadow palette and for the perfect nude shade of lipstick we used PIXI Matteluster Lipstick in Rose Naturelle. makeup Jamila



First Look covers the red carpet  Firefox_Screenshot_2016-04-18T16-42-07.476ZFirefox_Screenshot_2016-04-18T16-42-16.784ZJamila Velazquez


Rotten Tomatoes covers the red carpet

 Jamila Velazquez "Criminal" New York PremiereFirefox_Screenshot_2016-04-18T16-44-20.915Z Firefox_Screenshot_2016-04-18T16-44-31.291Z 



Flash Mafia covers the red carpet

Firefox_Screenshot_2016-04-18T16-46-23.344Z Firefox_Screenshot_2016-04-18T16-46-37.875Z Jamila Velazquez "Criminal" New York Premiere

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