Jenni Radosevich Gets Ready at Caravan for her Book Party!!

Jenni Radosevich of, one of our favorite bloggers, came to Caravan for a glam session before her book party for the launch of her new book, I Spy DIY Style, which is available in stores now!!

Jenni wanted to look her absolute best for her big night and we couldn’t have agreed more. She designed this really cool skirt with feathers that she made herself in honor of her personal DIY Style, and the launch of her new book. Jenni loves the fashion district and even gave us a few tips on where to find the best deals and her favorite trim shops in the district. She commented on how much she loves her Caboodle that we had previously given her and said that she stores all of her DIY supplies inside. Jenni actually did a blog on it and you can see for yourself on her website here:

We decided to go with her favorite hairstyle, a loose wave with a super clean face, which would surely compliment the fun flirty style of the outfit. Jenni inspired us all to go out and make ourselves a new outfit!

We started with our DDF skincare and applied the DDF Aloe Toning Complex to remove any excess makeup. We then went with the DDF Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew, and the Wrinkle Resist Plus Pore Minimizer to fully prep her for her clean face look.  We did a simple mini-cat eye, with a raspberry gloss for her perfect pout.

We started her hair with a super bouncy blowout using our Babyliss Pro Blow Dryer, then went in with our Babyliss Pro 1 and a ½ inch curling iron and wrapped each piece around the barrel and set it on hair pins while they cooled off. We then dropped them and personalized the tresses with a light Rusk Cream to distress it a bit.

She looked picture perfect, and we made sure Jenni took home a few DDF goodies. We gave her the Weightless Defense Oil Free Hydrator and the DDF Wrinkle Resist Pore Minimizer. Jenni was as sweet as always and really appreciated Caravan taking time out for her. She is on tour for her book now, so make sure you go out and get your copy, there is some really cool stuff in there! We can’t wait to have her back!!


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