Actress Jessica Pimentel from the NETFLIX show “ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK” attends the ‘Orangecon’ Fan Event

JESSICA OITNBDuring the ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, “ORANGECON” Fan Event Jessica decided to tap into her edgy rocky style wearing a MAX STUDIO dress with CHLOE + ISABEL jewelry, Nine West shoes, and a Lauren Merkin clutch.

One of our ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK friends is the multi talented Jessica Pimentel A born and raised Brooklyn, New York girl Jessica plays Maria Ruiz who’s character started the ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK series pregnant while in prison. You might have also seen Jessica in the CBS TV series PERSON OF INTEREST and the movie PRIDE AND GLORY. What you might not know about Jessica is that she is musically inclined and has traveled the U.S.A, Canada, and Japan performing as a classical violinist and a punk rock/Hardcore musician. On top of that, her IMDB bio says she is “student of theology and Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, logic and debate in the Gelugpa Tradition of the Dalai Lama”.

Max Studio is a collection of sexy sophistication. A fun fact about Max Studio is that the design studio is in the heart of an English countryside where there is an endless amount of historic and nature driven inspiration. The brand hold multiple collections including LEON MAX, MAX STUDIO, and STUDIO M. Have fun viewing the LEON MAX | Maxstudio Spring/Summer 2015 collection video and previous campaigns of the collection.

Jessica is wearing statement earring from Chloe + Isabel. Their website states that “Chloe + Isabel is both a brand and opportunity that combines elements of direct sales, retail and eCommerce with the sole purpose of providing a more meaningful experience to the modern woman.” Chantel Waterbury is the CEO + Founder of the business that allows women to tap into their business side and express their fashion sense by becoming a brand merchandiser.

Nine West is a global shoe powerhouse that we have all owned a pair of at one point or another. What many people do not know about the brand is that it was born in Manhattan, NY in 1978. Nine West has every possible style and shape for every occasion it is practically impossible to not make this your go to brand for affordable and fashion forward shoes. One of the best features on their website is the “As Seen on Social” tab where shoppers can view and shop the shoes that leading bloggers have features on their online posts.

The black and gold accented Lauren Merkin clutch was the perfect addition to the overall look. Lauren Merkin handbags are describes on the website as “timeless classics: high quality yet accessible, understated yet luxurious, feminine with a modern edge. Proudly made in NYC.” The official website also goes on to state that Lauren has a Columbia MBA and used sewing as a creative outlet and the product was her first classic tote.

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