Johnson & Johnson Healthy Essentials® teams up with Caravan Stylist Studio for the holidays

Firefox_Screenshot_2015-11-19T16-54-56.757ZCaravan Stylist Studio has teamed up with Healthy Essentials® for this holiday season. We are showcasing some of their beauty products that will be the perfect addition to everyone’s beauty regimen. Check out the Healthy Essentials website for some fantastic tips.

Johnson & Johnson



Looking your very best starts from the inside out. There are many things you can do to help yourself look and feel your very best.

•  Getting plenty of sleep
•  Eating healthy
•  Exercising
•  Let’s not forget about a great beauty routine 

With the ROC product line you will find everything you need to help maintain a more youthful appearance, fight premature signs of aging, and reduces the look of fine line and wrinkles with ingredients like Retinol and Hexinol. One of my new favorite products from Healthy Essentials is the ROC Daily Resurfacing Disks. These convenient facial cleansing disks are perfect to help get your skin looking and feeling it’s best during the holidays.



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