Jonathan Silverman and Jennifer Finnigan Visit Caravan!

Jonathan Silverman, known best for his numerous roles in classic 80’s movies, and now in the new show Monday Mornings, came by with his wife Jennifer Finnigan who also will be in the show Monday Mornings. They were so much fun and very interested in all of the great things Caravan is trying to do, not to mention the cool clothes! Jonathan really liked the Zoo York button downs that we had and we packed them all into this great Lands’ End Canvas tote that is perfect for carrying all of your necessities for any guy on the go.

Jennifer tried on many things and really loved this Miguelina spring green maxi that we styled with this awesome straw hat by Hat Attack. She instantly fell for this electric orange Saunder dress, that is one of our studio favorites. They both really liked our super light-weight New Balance sneakers the best addition to your workout gear since the iPod. We styled the sneakers with these cool cropped jeans by Dittos and this cute Cotton Junk Food Thumper tee. She loved this Buji Baja watercolor scarf as well. Jennifer also selected the Goddess Traincase Caboodle as her favorite and we made sure and packed the DDF Revolve inside with the must-have DDF Amplifying Elixir.  We made sure and gave Jonathan the DDF Cleanser and the awesome Moisturizing Dew. They were the coolest couple and we hope to see them again soon!


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