Juliette Fairley attends ‘Summer Of Blood’ Premiere wearing TAYLOR



Juliette+Fairley+Summer+Blood+Premieres+NYC+LhFbnJ2BfinlJuliette Fairley attends the Premiere of “Summer of Blood” at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Her dress is by TAYLOR.

Brooklyn writer-director Onur Tukel stars in this black comedy about relationships, attraction, commitment, and the true meaning of ‘eternity.’ Eric, a misanthropic, emotionally-stunted New Yorker, finds himself on the brink of a premature mid-life crisis when he rejects his career-woman girlfriend’s marriage proposal. Stuck at a dead-end job with no allure in the dating pool and even less in bed, Eric has all reason to lose hope. But that all changes one fateful night when he runs into a vampire in an alleyway. The next day, Eric finds his confidence invigorated and his stomach in an excruciating pain that can only be subdued by one thing: blood.

With self-effacing humor and biting wit, Tukel pokes fun at the frustrating nuances of humanity that perpetuate even when we’re no longer human. Featuring Anna Margaret Hollyman and Alex Karpovsky, and Juliette Fairley to name a few.

To get Juliette’s Caravan always uses products from Sexy Hair for the hair care, Kryolan Professional Makeup for the makeup, Zoya Nail Polish for the perfect shade of polish.

To get Juliette’s look we started by protecting her hair with Sexy Hair 450 Protect and some Get Layered before going over her hair with a flat iron to get the perfect sleek style. For the makeup look her eyes were done with shades of gold, bronze and black for that perfect smoky look. When you want a natural glow to the skin we love to use Kryolan’s Shimmering Event Foundation in a gold shade and her lips were a fun pop of berry. Juliette’s nails were painted with Zoya nailpolish in the shade Song that looked great with her dress. Valerie showed Juliette her favorite item Herban Essentials as well that she uses to clean her brushes and hands so everything is accented with natural oils and a beautiful scent.

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