Kimiko Glenn a new face on Orange is the New Black wearing KahriAnne Kerr, Gerard Yosca, Edie Parker and Chinese Laundry shoes


Kimiko Glenn is one of the new faces that will be seen on the hit show Orange is the new Black. 

Kimiko attended the premiere of Season 2 of Orange is the New Black and she looked fantastic in this amazing dress by KahriAnne Kerr, a bracelet and earrings by Gerard Yosca, shoes by Chinese Laundry and a bag by Edie Parker

Caravan always uses Sexy Hair products for all our hair styling needs. Kryolan Professional Makeup for that perfect on camera look,  Ikonic hot tools  and Zoya Nail Polish for such an incredible mix of colors.
To get Kimiko’s fun look we started with the hair by first prepping it with 450 Headset. This gives the hair that layer of protection from the damage the hot tools can do. We then have all the hair a healthy dose of Soy Touchable Hairspray before using the tapered styling wand throughout all of the hair.  We let the hair set with the curls, to give the curls a longer style life. Once the hair cooled, we took the top portion of hair just above each eyebrow all the way back to the crown of the head keeping this separate till the end. The remainder of the hair was then pulled back into two ponytails, one right on top of the other. With these two sections of hair we twisted small sections randomly of the hair pinning them to create a unique deconstructed bun to the back of the head. The top section was then flipped forward and in small sections What A Tease was sprayed and immediately lightly back combed flipping each section over towards the back of the head. Once the front only had about an inch of hair unteased we loosely gathered it back over the teased area pinning into place. A final spray of Get Layered and Weather Proof was sprayed all over to give a touchable all night hold.
For a quick manicure prep we love using Herban Essentials not only to moisturize the hands but for leaving a fresh scent of lavender.

For the makeup we went with a deep bronzed smoky eye by using a mix of color palettes by Kryolan Professional Makeup in Casablanca, Berlin, & London. An HD cream liner in ebony was used to line the upper lash line and to give the perfect natural looking brow we used brow powderfor giving an amazing glow and highlight the face we used Illusion Palette.  A blend of HD Micro Foundation Smoothing and HD Micro Shade were used for the perfect complexion and lips were a natural nude shade with the Lip Rouge Set. We also prepped her skin with MD Complete eye cream prior to applying her makeup.

Kimiko’s nails were painted by Zoya in Lotus and to add a bit of drama one nail on each hand had Raven painted on it.

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