LAUREN STAMILE from “COMPLICATIONS” on the USA Network visits us during the TV UPFRONTS

LAUREN STAMILE from the show COMPLICATIONS on the USA Networklesportsac laurenLauren Stamile stars in USA Network’s anticipate thriller drama “Complications”  the show focuses on a disillusioned doctor, John Ellison, who is still distressed from his daughter’s death but becomes a hero when he saves a young boys life and strives to do whatever it takes to keep him alive. She plays the role of Dr. Bridget O’ Neil who is John’s coworker and deals with the aftermath of his action.

lesportsacHere we have Lauren and Christina having fun with their gorgeous gold and paradise patterned LESPORTSAC bags. We are obsessed with these new patterns and vibrant colors being used on the products. LESPORTSAC bags are a great accessory to any outfit. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns and have a multipurpose use. To complement Lauren’s on the go outfit, she picked up a stylish BOLLMAN hat. The BOLLMAN HAT COMPANY is known for their trendy look that is classy yet stylish. The longevity of the brand makes BOLLMAN truly one of a kind.

SPIEWAKLauren is rocking her SPIEWAK army colored jacket, which is a perfect piece for casual street style wear. SPIEWAK was established in 1904 and they are famous for their classic, authentic and innovative style. What could be better to add to your wardrobe than a contemporary jacket for everyday wear?

BOY MEETS GIRL ®has an entire line of “go to” garments for your everyday when chic meets comfort. We just can’t get enough of the brand’s super cute iconic boy and girl silhouette logo. Boy Meets Girl


lauren sEvery woman needs a little black dress in their wardrobe. Lauren is looking fabulous in her ANDREW MARC original. The top of the dress is sheer chiffon adding a lightweight flow to the dress, which makes it flirty and sophisticated for any occasion. ANDREW MARC is an “iconic American brand” and leading designer in the fashion industry. He is known for his luxurious outwear pieces and expanded the brand to include sportswear, performance wear, footwear and accessories.

While Lauren was in the studio, she was able to customize her own dress through the PIOL website where you can design any type of dress to fit your personal style with exact measurements of the garment. It allows any women to use her creativity and imagination to make the perfect dress to suite her needs.piol-logo


We had a great time walking Lauren through all the beauty brands helping her find the perfect products for every beauty need. Lauren StamileLauren found some of those “can’t live without” beauty products from PHYSICIANS FORMULA. Because you can’t go wrong with a great mascara like the Organic wear®100% Natural Lash Boosting Mascara that PHYSICIANS FORMULA has. Plus we had to show Lauren the Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing Makeup line made with pure Argan Oil that is rich in conditioning benefits that improves skin’s brightness, tone, texture, and elasticity. Vaseline-Lip-Therapy-Rosy-LipsVASELINE had their mega cute mini Vaseline® Lip Therapy®. This lip therapy instantly softens and soothes dry lips and leaves a sheer pink tint for that perfect no makeup look.

laurenWhen it comes to skin care we are always excited to show off the LIFTLAB line of skin care products. We know that after the first time someone uses the LIFTLAB products they will become a part of their daily beauty routine. The travel set gives a very generous size of each product within the entire line. TravelSetWithProductInFront

COLOR CLUB had an adorable box set of nail polishes showcased for the NY UpFronts Event that all the girls flocked to. This set came with 5 amazing shades that will suit your every fashion accent need. color club nails


A big thanks to VOLVIC, BELVOIR, LUNA BAR and CLIF BAR for supplying treats throughout the week.

Of course a shout out to CARLTON HOTEL for allowing us to use their fantastic event space.


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