We are loving all the great press the Michael DePaulo Fashion Show has received

We just loved this amazing fashion show coverage that AllieNYC got of the Michael DePaulo Fashion Show.AllienycLogo1 ca0nvas can66666vas Michael-DePaulo-22 Michael-DePaulo-19 Michael-DePaulo-18 Michael-DePaulo-16 Michael-DePaulo-17 Michael-DePaulo-15 Michael-DePaulo-13 Michael-DePaulo-12 Michael-DePaulo-10 Michael-DePaulo-9 Michael-DePaulo-11 Michael-DePaulo-7 Michael-DePaulo-8 Michael-DePaulo-6 Michael-DePaulo-51 Michael-DePaulo-3 Michael-DePaulo-21 Michael-DePaulo-20 454canvas

Divaliscious blog got some great coverage of the fashion show

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Guest of a Guest covers the fashion show. mdp2323 guest

 Fashion360Mag gives a great article on the Michael Depaulo fashion show.


MichaelDepaulo_2157744 fashion360 fashion360m MichaelDepaulo_2157673 MichaelDepaulo_2157872

Fashion360Mag gets great backstage coverage of the fashion show.

fashion360mag-logo fashion360mag fashion360mag1 MichaelDepaulo_2157395 MichaelDepaulo_2157431 MichaelDepaulo_2157528 MichaelDepaulo_2157763

Getty Images covers the Michael DePaulo fashion show.

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Fashion & Style cover NYFW mdp56 mdp44 mdp33

Urban Polish covers the Michael DePaulo fashion show. -1 mdp000 IMG_4004 IMG_4120 IMG_4115 IMG_4109 IMG_4107

Entertainment 24×7 did a great article from the fashion show.

logo-1 mdp14Fashion Times covers the Michael DePaulo show

logo-ft mdp22 mdp23


Contact Music captures some great shots of Jessica Pimentel


contact music one jessica contact music two jessicacontact music three jessica


Contact Music covers the whole fashion show

contact music two contact music three contact music one contact music four


Boston Globe covers the Michael DePaulo fashion show

boston globe mdp mdp1


Boston Herald The Edge covers the Michael DePaulo fashion show the edge2 the edge 1

The Master Planner Online puts the Caravan fashion show on the Calendar

mdp3 mdp4

We love working with the Carlton Hotel

mdp6 mdp7 carlton hotel 2

 The Lipstick Bubble covers the show. 1212 canva1s canva123s

Manhattan with a Twist covers the show.


My LIfe on and Off the Guestlist covers the fashion show



Trends and Tolstoy cover the fashion show

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News Reality covers the Michael DePaulo show. logo-3


StyleCeleb covers the fashion show

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