Michael DePaulo 2016 NYFW Fashion Presentation

Caravan had the pleasure of working with the designer Michael DePaulo for his 2016 Fall Collection. Michael DePaulo is a couture evening wear and bridal gown designer whose designs are sophisticated and beautiful with an innovative edge. The presentation was held at the Agora Gallery located in Chelsea on February 14th. The beautiful space was transformed for the presentation and exuded glamour.

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Caravan worked with Michael helping him create the models hair and makeup look for the fashion show. It was a fun process working together to finesse and fine tune the hair and makeup look to perfection.

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When creating the hair style for the fashion show we went with a sleek clean top bun that had an unexpected surprise with a sprig of hair giving it a great architectural element. We used some amazing products by OGX when creating this stunning look. It was all about a clean and sleek top bun and the best way to get that was by using a liberal amount of the OGX Volumizing Mousse, the OGX Elevated Finishing Spray and Proganix Amplify Gel and really working it through the hair. This ensured that there would be no flyaways,  the hair would look sleek and it would hold its look throughout the whole fashion show. All the hair was gathered into a sleek ponytail on the top of the head. The ponytail was then separated into 1inch sections. Each section was combed and flat ironed. Each section prior to being flat ironed was given a spray of OGX Elevated Finishing Spray. Each section was then wrapped around the base of the ponytail to create a sculptural clean top knot. The hair was lightly misted with OGX O2 Weightless Oil & Lifting Tonic. On the last section of hair to be wrapped would be prominent coming up and out to the side of the top bun. We made sure to spray this section very well with the OGX Elevated Finishing Spray and applying a little bit of the OGX Surf Paste to the ends to hold its shape and not become frizzy. michaelDePauloNYFW201643 michaelDePauloNYFW201638 michaelDePauloNYFW201639 michaelDePauloNYFW201635 michaelDePauloNYFW201612 michaelDePauloNYFW201610 michaelDePauloNYFW20168

A big thanks to the talented glam team at Christo Fifth Ave Salon and Carsten for all their talented help getting the models looking runway ready. christo

For the models makeup up we decided on beautiful dewy skin with loads of highlights, a slight pink flush to the cheeks, a dark plum and black contoured eye with a pinky nude lip. When we created this beautiful dewy and fresh glow to the skin we used PIXI GLOWTION DAY DEW and the PIXI Eye Zone Brightener. The brows were a strong feature to the makeup look and our go to products to achieve that was PIXI Natural Brow Duo. For the eyes we used a great pallet from POP called Bright Up Your Life and we lined the upper and lower waterlines of the eye with POP In Liner. A few coats of POP Lash Extension Mascara and the eyes were done. For the last finishing touch we went with a great nude lip from PIXI Shea Butter Lip BalmmichaelDePauloNYFW20167 michaelDePauloNYFW20165 michaelDePauloNYFW20166 michaelDePauloNYFW20164 michaelDePauloNYFW20163 michaelDePauloNYFW20162 michaelDePauloNYFW20161

For the little finishing touches to the models look we went with a light gold-ish bronze nail from Color Club called Apollo Star and we gave the girls a little sunkissed glow by using Fake Bake Tinted Body Glow Moisturizer.

Guests mingled and had a great time at the fashion show, while enjoyed the event they were greeted with tasty drinks from Belvoir Fruit Farms.

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Time Warner Cable NY1 covers the show. Check out the video HERE Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 4.55.13 PM

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My Kind Of Sparkle covers the fashion show.

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Yahoo News covers the fashion show.

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Bay Area Fashionista covers the fashion show.

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The Boston Globe covers the fashion show Firefox_Screenshot_2016-02-29T22-42-06.713Z Firefox_Screenshot_2016-02-29T22-42-23.897Z Firefox_Screenshot_2016-02-29T22-42-34.430Z Firefox_Screenshot_2016-02-29T22-42-51.478Z


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Chron covers the fashion show

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