Caravan hosted a great Mommy Blogger Event

mommy blogger day

It was all about Mom’s at our Mommy Blogger Event. We had a great turnout and Caravan was filled with some of the top Mommy Bloggers Manhattan has to offer. The event consisted of beauty service that were offered to all the deserving moms, a fantastic spread of beauty gifts to pick from, tasty teats to nibble on and those got to have staple wardrobe pieces from bobi LA.

With the glam stations our mommy bloggers could get their hair styled by one of Sexy Hair’s pro team members where they gave their normal everyday hair that boost it needed to feel extra special and with the help of Ikonic Hot Tools everyone’s hair looked glamorous.

Kryolan Professional Makeup was in full effect with the expert eye of Kelly glamming up everyone while also giving them a little inside knowledge of makeup tricks.

Zoya Nail Polish painted nails in exquisite colors to adorn mothers and daughters alike.

After each mommy blogger got all glammed up we walked them through the beauty gifts making sure everyone went home with the perfect products for their individual needs.
Items consisted of a great skin care line called MD Complete. This line packs a powerful punch and really delivers results. This was perfect for the mommy bloggers because who doesn’t deserve it more than these hard working moms that put everyone else first. Well, it was time to give back and what a great line to incorporate because they have 2 different  “At Home Peels” formulated to target specific skin needs. As well as the perfect face cleanser that does double duty by one cleansing and two fighting those fine lines and wrinkles.
Another brand that was there for them to take home was Sexy Hair. It was perfect because after getting their hair styled, they got a chance to take home some of the key products used on them. Our hair expert also gave some suggestions as to a few extra products that they could benefit from. This way they have the tools to recreate their look another day.

Kryolan Professional Makeup is an amazing brand and we are super happy to have them on board at Caravan. After the talented Kryolan Professional Makeup artist worked her magic on these great mommy bloggers, she gave each person notes as to what she used on them. This is great because Kryolan Professional Makeup is going to open up a New York flagship store soon and now these lovely ladies know just what to purchase. We also had a range of great colors in Kryolans Lip & Cheek product for everyone to fine their perfect shade. This product was a great fit for the mommy bloggers since it does two jobs in one. It is a wonderful lip stain and great cheek stain that keeps you looking light, fresh and dewy.

Zoya Nail Polish had some of their classic shades of polish for everyone to take home. And everyone, especially mothers love Zoya because it’s such a great line that is safe for kids and pregnant women to use.

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