Fashion Week:  Designers Tee Up Support for Garment District


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Fashion Week officially kicks off on Thursday, but 32 designers got a head start Tuesday night launching one of a kind designs to support a special cause. NY1’s Jessica Abo filed the following report.

From sequins to zippers to leather and lace 32 designers used different materials to bring some “I love NY” t-shirts to life. But while the lineup promotes fashion at its finest, saving the Garment District is at the heart of the initiative.

“We’re the fashion capital of New York City, so it’s really important that more production happens here,” said Claudine DeSola of Caravan Stylist Studios.

DeSola partnered with Century 21 Department Store and The Carlton Hotel to host the t-shirt exhibit. The one-of-a-kind designs are being sold online for $100 each to benefit the nonprofit Save the Garment Center.

The organization is dedicated to promoting and preserving fashion production in the Big Apple.

“I love the style. I love the variety, everything about them – the design and just how different they all are. They’re incredible,” said Joy Seijas, an attendee.

“We’re really excited about this initiative because we’re a 52-year-old company that started in New York. We have our flagship store downtown, so we think it’s really important to give back to the roots of New York City,” said Heather Feinmel of Century 21 Department Store.

Schott NYC COO Jason Schott says he turned to his family roots to inspire his exclusive piece.

“We’ve been making jackets and clothing in America for 101 years. We started in the Lower East Side, but the Garment District is something that’s very important to us as well as production in America,” he said.

In addition to supporting designers, Save the Garment Center also helps factories and suppliers through advocacy and education.

“So many things have gone overseas so it’s hard for factories and we use them as much as we can,” said Designer Walter Baker.

To check out the t-shirt designs, visit www.c21stores.com.

There’s also an online auction for a ball gown. To place a bid, visit www.caravanstyliststudio.com.

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