“Please Dress Accordingly” with Michelle Parks

“Please Dress Accordingly” on MSG Networks.

Michelle Park is a TV host in NYC with a focus on food and fashion. She currently hosts “Please Dress Accordingly” on MSG Networks (madison square garden station)

Michelle came into Caravan for a fitting with two fantastic local designers KahriAnne Kerr and Rae. It’s always a pleasure when we get such a delightful guests to work with. After the fitting was said and done Michelle and I chatted it up and the conversation of Salon Grafix was top on our list. Michelle said she loved the line Salon Grafix, I asked if she had tried their new line called Healthy Hair Nutrition. In the world of TV your hair is the one that suffers with over styling. Salon Grafix Healthy Hair Nutrition is perfect to give back to your hair what styling takes away. I gave her one of the Conditioning Cleanser for normal hair to try at home. The next day she sent an email saying.

“Btw I loved the cleansing conditioner. It’s amazing! ”


Michelle Park "Please Dress Accordingly"
Michelle Park “Please Dress Accordingly”

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