Caravan Stylist Studio LOVES Rent-The-Runway!!

Let’s face it, how many formal, red carpet-like events does the average girl get to attend a year? Well, if we are lucky, and get the opportunity to attend such a party, we will take any excuse to go overboard with hair, makeup, and most importantly, an eye-catching dress. With Rent The Runway, you are able to borrow top-notch dresses that aren’t appropriate for your little brothers birthday parties, family reunions, or overcrowded, smelly frat parties. Go ahead! Look amazing for the night, sans the worry of spending too much money. They also have a myriad of options that will suit any occasion. For instance if you are going for a cute, casual day look they can be a great help as well! As an intern at Caravan Stylist Studio, I am BEYOND ecstatic to have Rent The Runway featured here! We have already had talent walk through and fall in love with Rent The Runway designer Sachin +Babi, and many more. I practically live on their website and fell for this piece that I am dying to wear within the next month. This beautiful tangerine Albert Ferretti, Petra Gown will accentuate any curves and create a sexy hourglass figure. The back is knotted yet exposes just the right amount of skin. If only my sorority formal were this month….

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