We love Salon Grafix Conditioning Cleanser for Many Reasons

As a makeup artist that is always going from one client to the next, I am constantly working with no down time. I wash my brushes every day and it is a must that I have clean makeup brushes.

salon grafix

In times of desperate needs you become creative to get the job done. While working at the studio last week I realized, of course when it was too late that I was out of makeup brush shampoo cleanser. In this moment of desperation my eyes were scouring the place trying to think of what to do when I spotted Salon Grafix Conditioning Cleanser. Knowing that this product does fantastic things to my hair I thought to myself “why not try it”. And to my surprise my brushes were cleaned of all impurities and makeup residue and softer than ever before. The best part of washing my brushes with Salon Grafix Conditioning Cleanser was my brushes smelled divine.

Now it looks like in a pinch I have a great go to brush cleaner.

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