Runway Look 2 with Salon Grafix & POP Beauty


The models look for Callula Lillibelle

Keeping things simple and clean think Audrey Hepburn.

Callula Lillibelle
Callula Lillibelle

For the hair we used Salon Grafix products for all out hair styling needs.

The style was a clean top bun the bun was large and was placed high on the head.

Pulling all the hair up and combing in an upward motion towards the top of the head using a liberal amount of Freezing Hair Spray to hold every strand of hair into place. Putting all the hair into a hair tie. With the loose hair take the inside section leaving the outer layer of the ponytail free to use later. Using a teasing comb, backcomb the hair starting with the hair closest to scalp. You will only need to backcomb half leaving the lower portion of the hair normal. Spray with shaping hair spray. Now that you’ve built volume to the ponytail take the outer untouched layer of hat along with the teased hair and loosely form into a bun. Use bobby pins and hairpins to secure the bun to your head. Now give it a spray of ChromaLogica shine spray and your now done!

Callula Lillibelle
Callula Lillibelle

The makeup look was created using POP Beauty. Think classic Audrey Hepburn clean fresh with light pinks and black liner.

Using beam base Primer all over the face and highlighting on the top of the cheekbone with Blush Beam. Dusting the cheeks with the pink side of the butterfly bronzer. Set the makeup with a large brush only using a very small amount of No Show No Shine Powder.

For the eyes use POP Portfolio going with a light pink shade of shadow over the bottom part of the upper lid blend that into a natural cream shade. A light line My One Liner of liquid liner applied to the lash line of the upper lid. Keeping the lower part of the eye natural. Use mascara sparingly and slightly define the eyebrow with a brown/black shade of shadow use a brow brush keeping everything very natural. Lips are a natural pink shade the lip stain Petal Pout is a great choice.

Now you are ready to transform yourself.

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