KahriAnne Kerr
KahriAnne Kerr

KahriAnne Kerr’s models look :

Kahri Hair
Kahri Hair

I am totally in love with the hair from this runway look. It’s my new favorite style to do.

This style was created using all Salon Grafix products. Purchase a pack of loose synthetic hair in your color. This can be the cheapest brand since you are not using it as long locks.

Take the fake hair and tie off one end with a hair tie. Start with the tied off end and begin to fishtail braid it all the way down. Tie of the other end with another hair tie. Start gently pulling on the braid sections to billow it out and start to give it a deconstructed look.

Set this aside and start on your hair by separating it into two sections. One section will use the lower part of the hair by pulling it up to the top crown of the head and putting it into a ponytail. Spray both section with Shaping Hair Spray before braiding and after. For the top of the hair pull it tight to the very top front of the head and put into a ponytail. Now fishtail braid each ponytail and pull sections to give it a distressed deconstructed look. Wrap the extension hair to the back fishtail braid and start wrapping it around the crown of the head. Intertwine your natural hair with the extension piece. Using lots of hairpins and bobby pins to secure all sections where you want them.

Finish it off with a little spray of Chromalogcia Shine Hair Spray.

Makeup was created using POP Beauty Cosmetics.

A light bronzed cheek and deep-bronzed eye with a drastic liquid black cat eye. Lips were a mate deep red.

Using beam base Primer all over the face and highlighting on the top of the cheekbone with Blush Beam. Bronzing the cheek with Sun Bronzer. For eyes using POP Portfolio mixing the shades of deep bronze on the lower part of the upper lid blending that into a cream shade under the brow. With the liquid liner One Liquid Line go from the inner corner of the eye all the way to the edge angle the liner in a slight upward motion to give a dramatic cat eye ding the same to the bottom lash line and meeting the two lines together.

Loads of mascara with Lash Extension Mascara

Now you have the runway look…

KahirAnne Kerr


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