Sabi Soundz and Boy Meets Girl Meet Up For a Fun Photo Opp

singer-songwriter-sabi-visits-stacy-igel-at-gettyimages_Fotor_CollageWhat a fun and impromptu photoshoot. Just by sheer luck Stacy Igel Founder/Creative Director Boy Meets Girl of Boy Meets Girl found out the super talented Sabi Soundz was in town for the premiere of her new movie ISAthemovie . So Stacy jumped at the opportunity to get a fun photoshoot happening. And the stars were aligned perfectly for a few fun pictures of Sabi and Boy Meets Girl’s newest collect of fantastic clothing and amazing jewelry.

Caravan always uses SEXY HAIR for all our hair products, KRYOLAN PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP for all our makeup needs, IKONIC are the hot tools for hair styling, MD COMPLETE SKINCARE is our skin care choice, ZOYA NAIL POLISH for every nail polish shade under the sun.

For Sabi’s look we started with her hair and first and foremost, you always should use a heat protector.  We used 450 Headset throughout the hair and then a liberal application of Get Layered Hairspray. We used a 3/4 inch styling wand to all her hair and since Sabi has bangs the mini flat iron came in handy. Once the hair was all curled we went over her roots with Powder Play. This added an extra boost of texture and volume to the roots, adding great lift to the hair. Once the style was just the way we wanted a final layer of Get Layered was applied all over.

Now it was time for makeup, prior to the makeup application, we prepped her skin with a great eye cream from Md Complete before we glammed out her eyes. We found out that Sabi was going to be attending her movie premiere later that day. So we decided to go with a little something extra for the eyes with deep bronzed smoky shades. To get the perfect combo we used a mix of color palettes in London, Berlin, Mexico City. An HD cream liner in ebony was used to line the upper lash line and a few coats of mascara to finish off the eyes. To give the perfect natural looking brow we used a Brow Powder. This always gives a very natural look to the brow while still filling in and defining without any harsh lines. A blend of cover wheel and Event Shimmering Foundation in Bronzed were used to give her a perfectly glowing completion. Since we had glammed up the eyes for this look we wanted to go with a natural nude for the lips by using first a Lip Stain in Gospel and topping off with the Rouge Lip Palette in a nude shade. Knowing that Saib’s makeup needed to last all night we applied a light spritz of Ultra Setting Vaporizer for that extra level of makeup protection.

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