Salon Grafix keeps your hair shiny !

Everybody loves Salon Grafix! There are so many awesome choices from this collection!

Salon Grafix

The Salon Grafix story is one that spans decades. The company began as a family-owned business with a focus on fragrances. The spotlight shifted to hair care when Salon Grafix Shaping Hair Spray hit the shelves in the mid-eighties. Those who lived through this era know that the eighties were all about excess. At a time when women (and men!) curled, brushed and teased their hairstyles to new heights, Salon Grafix Shaping Hair Spray was a perfect fit. We emerged like a beacon in the night to help keep those crazy hairstyles in place while women (and men!) fainted over Bret Michaels and tried desperately to emulate Madonna’s flair.Salon Grafix collage

Through the next two decades, the Salon Grafix brand continued to grow and adapt. New hold levels in our aerosol hairspray, travel-sized products to accommodate busy schedules, products focused on individual hair types and styles, and innovative products like our Healthy Hair Nutrition product line and our new Chroma Logica collection, specifically formulated to preserve, strengthen and protect color-treated hair.

Times and trends are constantly changing and while we may never have solved the Rubik’s Cube back in the eighties (without pulling all the stickers off), we’ve entered into a time where all you would have to do now is to “google” the solution. That being said, we realize that you have countless choices when it comes to hair care and we appreciate that you stopped by to take a look at what Salon Grafix has to offer. Our products are formulated with luxury in mind, but our prices are set to be affordable. As times continue to change, hairstyles will change with them and Salon Grafix is committed to continue to evolve. We hope that you’ll stick with us and see what the future holds!


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